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Career Prep

Navigating the Education Ecosystem: A Blueprint for Holistic Learning, Skilling, & Employability

How to get prepared for an interview?

Utilizing the time between B-school offer letter acceptance and your first day as an MBA student

What to prefer? Collecting more internship certificates or doing few quality projects?

Relevance of understanding personality in career growth

How to prepare for MBA campus placements?

Gap year - a bone of contention for many professionals

Mental health - the central axis of your career

Future of campus placements post COVID-19

Profile fitment:

Fundamental know-how

A tale of career preparation:

post COVID-19 era

Internships: A step towards the corporate world

Impact of COVID-19 on the

Education industry

How to prepare for psychometric assessments?

Profile analysis for career

planning and development

Everything about psychometric assessments

Power skills for leaders and managers in the virtual world

Self-management tools :

A way to become your own master

Common job interview questions and answers

Resume optimization : Separating the wheat from the chaff

How to write a resume in 5 easy steps

Psychometric Tests: Your Quick Guide For Robust Career Decisions

How to develop communication skills for work success?

8 simple hacks to improve your CV amid lockdown

How to become an entrepreneur? What does it need?

How to be sure that you are fit for a particular job profile?

How to build a industry analysis for your interview preparation?

Afraid of a career switch? A career counselor can make a difference

How career experts help students decide on a career path?

How to start preparation for campus placement?

How to build a Company Analysis for your interview preparation?

Importance of career mentoring in today's transformational world

Psychological competencies deemed crucial by recruiters

Your career is yours,

find your niche!

#10yearchallenge: Time to step up to what's trending globally!

It's more than a Resume / CV - it's a marketing document

Make most out of your

LinkedIn profile

Are you Industry

'Ready' and 'Relevant'?

Business Insights

A Sneak Peek into TATA's Recent Acquisitions

The Blooming business of online grocery

Analytics jobs by tools and technologies

Five major trends in Logistics


Understanding E - Commerce


COVID-19 and a panoramic view of its impact on future workspace

Will Jio disrupt the consumer

tech market?

Will Tata capture the online

grocery opportunity?