Psychometric Tests: Your Quick Guide For Robust Career Decisions

10th July 2020

Can we acknowledge that many of our career decisions are often steered by what our friends and family members have to say? They know us so well through the years that makes them inclined towards suggesting what careers will suit us in the long run. However, it can sometimes turn erroneous since most of these suggestions may be the result of their own perceptions about us and beliefs, or what looks primarily attractive and predictable. Considering these, we might eventually “fall” into a career, where our specialization in the final year of our degree is the determining factor of the job we get. Few years into the job, we might start questioning, are we at the right place? We spend the first 6 months in rationalization, the next 3, fitting into the company and after a first bad annual review, we realize we might need a job switch. Imagine the amount of time we could save there! 

This is where Psychometric Assessments can help take better decisions - based on the true, objective potential of an individual and not subjective opinions or biased assumptions. So, what are these psychometric assessments really?

The Science of Mental Measurement

The word Psychometrics refers to the science of designing the metrics in the form of objective and standardized, quantitative tools for assessing psychological trends. Psychometric tests are quick, convenient, reliable measurement tools for evaluating Attitude (Personality, Behaviour, Motivation) and Ability (Cognition and Reasoning). They can be self-report tests and situational tests of judgement which can help determine your inclination and orientation towards a job or workplace, based on your personality, interests and motivation. 

Let us say you want to find out whether a person can excel in a job that requires a high level of collaboration with people. One way is to wait and observe how they perform at work for days, assessing how they think and perceive their environment, how they connect with people and ultimately get work done. But this exercise is highly subject to one’s own biases too, for we may depend on thumb rules of assuming behaviour. The other way is to take a quicker, reliable approach – using a psychometric test can instantly provide results with precision and accuracy. 

Psychometric Assessments in Career Guidance & Selection

It is said, untouched by kind of reliable and predictable measures of success with a career choice, the average Indian youth is wasting 2-3 years of their education in the wrong direction! With increased awareness in the average household about career options that yield not only stability and security but also satisfaction, excellence, a sense of purpose and daily motivation, more and more youngsters are encouraged to take psychometric tests. Often used as diagnostic tools by educationists and career counsellors to offer counsel, backed by credible data about students, psychometric tests have been used widely in India now. As a student, you are encouraged to choose life goals early, hone the required talent because this is the perfect time to fuel your growth, build aspirations around areas of interest and attain clarity of intent with every step you take towards career selection. With a battery of assessments, you can better plan a career that is fulfilling and motivating and enter professions that you will be delighted about. Career counselling guided by psychometric assessments is geared towards identifying the hidden professional skills and talent inside you.

 If you are a young professional looking for a successful career change, you need to gauge fitment with various aspects of a job and psychometric tests can help to get an idea about your skill sets, ambitions, and aspirations. However, the idea is to save time on all that prediction. One person can be good at leadership skills and another could be good in calculations, and yet, both would be unaware of that. If we get to know about these traits in the beginning, then it can help tremendously in making several career choices that will indirectly impact other aspects of life.

A Quick Tour of the MBAtrek’s Assessment Library

1) Industry Suggestor Test:

  • As students or young professionals, we might have some idea about the kind of work environment, career growth, lifestyle, and work outcomes we desire. These being the base, should help us target industries that we think we will do well in. The industry we choose has a major influence on our career opportunities (i.e., promotions, personal development), our financial well-being (i.e., salary, incentives, benefits) and our quality of life (i.e., stressors and work-life balance). The Industry Suggester can help you understand the right set of industries for you by taking a deeper understanding of your people interaction dynamics, process orientation, work environment and career goals.

2) Right Type of Organization:

  • The type of work, shifts, stress, physical environment, company culture, personality fitment etc. have a bearing on job satisfaction and performance and ups your stability index with the company you go to. It takes time but the moment you realize you fit with a company better, your performance and mental well-being in the company improves. Shouldn’t we do this before joining the workplace? This assessment can help you gauge your fitment against the right set of organizations considering your job expectations, work-life balance needs and environmental preferences.

3) Internship-Job Performance Assessment:

  • The longer you work in an industry/field, the more difficult it is to switch if your first choice turns out to be a poor one. You become easily “labelled” with that industry or occupation. You participate in the attractive yet highly restricting exercise of typing yourself as a Salesperson or an Entrepreneur. Once you have been in the job a couple of years, your compensation will have risen above the “entry-level”. Even if you are willing to take a pay cut, it may be difficult to convince another company in an unrelated industry to hire you. Our field engagement tests help you understand whether your interests, motivations and career aspirations are aligned with your field of study, by probing into your engagement dynamics in the campus and your academic orientation.

Why Should One Invest in Our Assessments?

  1. Career Fitment: We have helped students choose careers as per a fitment analysis, validated by informed and accurate expert opinion from the relevant domain.
  2. Clarity of Goals: A lot of students and young professionals have found a perfect way to fuel growth when looking for direction – by saving time in exploring their aspirations, interests and skills in a well-defined manner and well-aligned with their goals. 
  3. Self-Awareness at Any Point in Career: Be it your under-graduation or the 3rd year of job – tackling mid-life career crisis and understanding personality, motivation, preferences to find fulfilling careers is never too late. With our tests, you can find the most coveted direction, which your career needs, whether you are in the placement season or are considering a domain shift.
  4. Knowing Your Skillset: Our tests have been designed to bridge gaps between what skills a person can have and what they need to acquire to excel in their career from the start. The knowledge helps them find the right techniques and abilities and traits to harness, to have a rich resume, and motivate themselves to work better, every day. 

Still having second thoughts?

Using psychometric tests at the right points in career decision making can save one from early career derailment, by a time-to-time evaluation of your performance in college or at work. Delaying important decisions on upskilling for quicker growth can waste a lot of good time. Choosing careers based on family recommendations can lead to disconnection with your long-term life goals in future. Since these tools are developed after strong research and customer understanding, they are the best way to objectify the measures that are supposed to be non-measurable. It is therefore imperative to take the help of these and pace up the next course of action in one’s career

If nothing, they might just get you thinking about what to do next!

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