Self management tools: a way to become your own master!

15th April 2021

In simple terms, self-management means the art of being a master of your own self. It is your ability to properly manage your thoughts, emotions and idea and your overall self so that you are able to perform your job with higher efficiency and with the least amount of friction. This article helps you to learn a few skills with regard to your self-management which can help you to navigate through your work with much ease. Here is a small list of skills which you must develop.

Pen down

Primarily, when you are thinking about self-management, you either directly or indirectly, are searching for ways through which you can manage your work and yourself. The tandem and the coordination vis-a-vis both remain lucid and smooth. In order to do so, you must first pen down all the work which you have to do. When you pen down your work on a paper in an objective manner it immediately brings clarity to you, rather than all those work revolving in your subconscious and keeping you perpetually confused and also having the fear of missing out on a certain task.

The order of Priority

If you have, let’s say, ten different tasks to complete, it is for sure that you will not start will all of them together. Every work is important, but what you have to understand is the fact that which work is more important. If, for example, you have to write this extremely important email to your manager, also attend a meeting scheduled in the next half an hour and you also have to submit a report of your previous day work, then, in this case, you will try to arrange your work according to the order of priority. This process of prioritizing your work according to the importance can help you allocate your time and energy in the best possible manner with you getting worried about which task to do first.

The calendar - your bestfriend!

The ability to see the forthcoming week in your calendar while synchronizing each day with the work which you have can prove to be a phenomenal skill for your self-management. This needs a little brainstorming on your part in the initial stage but once you master it, it can be of great help for you. Before the beginning of the week, you can simply jot down all the work that you have in the coming week, and then simply break it into parts allocating the work to each respective day of the week. Once, you do this, you will notice that you have more time left in your hand in which you can relax and do other things. Instead of endlessly getting engaged in the work for the entire week why not allocate it into pieces. In this manner, you can plan an entire week beforehand and then gradually increasing the time span to a couple of weeks as you master the art.

Time and deadline

Generally, the time deadline becomes more like a hanging sword which keeps us stressed and worried. But, if for a moment you pause and reflect, the actual fear is not time and the deadline, but the fear of incompletion of the work. You have a habit of looking at ‘entire work’ all at once which gives your work a monstrous look. The idea is to ‘break your work into parts and set the deadline for every single day’ in which you complete a certain portion of your task every day. If you meet your target on a day to day basis even eighty per cent of the time you will, for sure, complete the entire work on time.

Don't ignore health

You need a fit body and a healthy mind to do your work. Proper coordination between both helps you to stay motivated and focus on your work. Regular jogging, gyming and running keep your stress level down, boosts your immunity and helps strengthen your muscles. Continuously being engaged in your work and ignoring your health not only takes a toll on your health but at the same time, it makes your mind regimented and monotonous. Therefore, your work and physical exercise on a daily basis are complementary to each other for your overall career development.

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