How to develop communication skills for work success?

22nd June 2020

“The art of communication is the language of leadership” - James Humes

In this blog, we are talking about “how to develop communication skills for work”. The broad equations on which the world presently functions is, to a large extent, depends on how we communicate. Be it politics, diplomacy, corporate sector or even day to day personal interaction with people, the gravity of communication skills cannot be undermined.

Let’s start now with how to develop communication skills

It’s time to shun the old and regimented perception that communication skills are just talking to other people and convincing them to achieve our objective. A deeper level of understanding is required. Communication skills, in the present context, are more about how effectively you sow the seeds of your ideas in other people’s mind, it is about your ability to understand their viewpoint and more importantly, it is about the way you want them to feel after you have conveyed your message to them. To apply these ideas in day to day life we need to keep five simple words into perspective. They are Who, How, What, When and Where. Let’s understand in detail.


This word answers the question about our target audience. In other words, it states to whom we have to deliver our message. Are we dealing with our colleagues, our subordinates, our managers or our potential customers? This is the first and the most fundamental question which will effectively lead us to the answers to other questions.


Once we are clear to whom the message will be delivered, the ‘How’ will answer about the ‘manner or the way’ the message is to be delivered. Whether to use a formal means or informal means, whether to keep the message short or more detailed or how often should the message be conveyed. These are some of the fundamental ideas we can draw out.


The what part will help us to develop the idea about ‘The Content or the Subject Matter’ of our message. There can be a drastic slip between the cup and the lip if, the content of the message is not relevant and convincing to the person to whom it will be catered to. 

Therefore to be conscious about this aspect is of utmost importance.


This question draws the spotlight on the appropriate timing to communicate. Therefore, to develop a knack of the timing when you wish to communicate must be kept into perspective. Wrong timing of the communication can cast a negative image about our message or in the worst-case scenario, it can have a diametrically opposite effect from what we desired.


The place where we communicate casts a deep imprint on the person to whom the communication is done. We cannot afford to have an important meeting at a noisy place or a place which with a lot of hustle and bustle. This can hamper the effectiveness and efficiency of our message and can demolish the very message per se. 

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It is rightly said, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour’. Effective communication skills can prove to be that fundamental brick on which a strong empire your career can be built.

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