Make most out of your LinkedIn profile

13th March 2020

"In seven months or so, I’ll be on the job market. And I am glad to be here. I am going to get on LinkedIn and see what comes up" - Former US President Barak Obama

During the end of his second tenure as the president of, The United States, Barak Obama mentioned in one of his interviews that he isn’t worried to find a job after leaving the White House since the platform of LinkedIn provides a phenomenal opportunity for people looking for a job. Simply put, LinkedIn is a social media platform for working professionals, students or any other individual who wish to get a job in due course of time. Therefore, it's important to know, how you can make the best out of this platform.

Build an impressive profile

Our profile casts a first-hand impression of us. Our profile holds the potential to make or break things at the very point of inception when other people go through it. Therefore, the profile must contain necessary and relevant details. Having an impressive profile picture that gives a professional look can also prove to be highly beneficial for you to get a job.

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Search and follow

Once your profile is ready, it's time for you to search and follow the companies you would like to work in. This will help you to keep yourself updated with all the companies, the work which they are doing, and more importantly, the job opportunities which are available or which might become available in the due course of time.

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Avoid being a wallflower

You will have to be proactive on this platform to get the most out of it. You must avoid being a wallflower. Make sure you post your articles, your viewpoints other videos which you think are productive in nature. You must keep this into perspective that these initiatives will not go unnoticed. Your ideas and perception posted by you, certainly, gives a glance of who you are and what you think.

Join professional groups

Joining professional groups can surely be an added advantage for you in the near future. You must also do an advanced search to cast your net wider and build a better and stronger connection. This can help you possibly show your skillset when you do an online conversation and also will help you connect better in the near future for the company you wish to work for.  

Be in touch with alumni

Checking your alumni and following them can prove to be of multiple benefits for you. The alumni are a few notch up from you in your career. Therefore, you can always benefit from their experience which they have had in their career till date. Connecting with them can also open other doors of opportunities about which you had less or no information. In other words, your alumni can help you to make a more rational and judicious decision for your career. 

Update your profile regularly

Updating the profile at regular intervals is highly recommended. We live in a highly updated world where you cannot afford to stay outdated and then look for a job. Therefore, you must keep your profile updated and relevant. This will give you a proactive image which is necessary for any individual. Your sense of involvement will show how passionate you are for your work or the job which you might do in the near future.

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