8 simple hacks to improve your CV amid lockdown

08th April 2020

Today Coronavirus has become a global concern, to cope up with this pandemic many countries including India are under lockdown. When the whole world is under threat of this deadly virus, it’s our responsibility to stay at home/isolated and prevent its spread to ensure the safety and security of you and your family. However sitting at home does not have to be unproductive, rather one shall put this time to use and learn something new, improve their CV to get ahead of their competition. Here are some hacks to improve your CV and make the most out of this lockdown period.

Do certification courses 

You can utilize this free time by doing some certification courses. Try to gain knowledge regarding any field or topic by doing a professional course in it. You can do a course in your existing field of study, work or can expand your knowledge and horizon by exploring other areas and topics. There are many platforms like Coursera, Udemy etc. where one can do these courses. You can also apply for financial aid to do the courses for free. Try to do a verified certificate course as it will attach credibility to the course done and will enhance both your CV and knowledge. 

Do connect with our career advisors in case you are confused about which online courses/certifications you should do? Get the personalized guidance to know which courses are beneficial for you according to your background, requirements and aspirations. 

Learn new skills

There isn’t any better way of upgrading yourself and your CV than learning a new skill. Utilize this lockdown to learn a new skill that can boost your career. It can be anything from your area of interest, work, or anything entirely new. Some suggestions are coding, data science, machine learning, blockchain, cloud computing, analytics. You can also invest in learning soft skills like emotional intelligence, better decision-making ability etc.  

Add some new skills to your skill library and utilize this time well to build capability for the future with MBAtrek’s SkillUp. To know more get in touch with our Career Advisors.

Do virtual live projects or internship

One can resort to work from home, search for live projects opportunity or internships and do them. Gaining experience is always helpful, try to learn the intricacies of work by doing them from home. There is a plethora of virtual opportunity worth your time and effort, just grab the opportunity and make most of it. 

At MBAtrek we are offering various work from home live projects and internships. Follow MBAtrek on different social media platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and grab one.

Learn a new language

Learning a new language is very advantageous and can make you stand out of the lot. Learn a language that interests you or can be helpful to you, not only this try to improve your communication skills. Work on your grammar, vocabulary; learn how to moderate your tone and frequency. Learn the art of effective communication. A new language adds an entirely new dimension to you, get set to learning one. 

Develop hobbies

There cannot be any better time and opportunity than now to develop new hobbies. While life generally is so fast-paced and hectic that we are not left with time for our hobbies. Utilize this lockdown period and develop some hobbies. Not only will these hobbies help you relax and enjoy but also create a topic for your interview discussion. 

Explore new areas of interest

One should try to develop new areas of interest, shall learn about things which are relevant and helpful. From legal practices, taxation, sports, data science there are varied areas that you can explore for both your personal benefit and professional enhancement.

Write a blog or start a channel

You can utilize this time and start a blog or channel which you always wanted to. If you have any area of interest and you have quite a good knowledge and passion for it you can start writing blogs on it or start a channel; say on YouTube or any other platform. You can induce your creativity and hone your writing skills by creating a blog and at the same time will create a point for your CV.

Build social media presence

In this lockdown period, everyone’s screen time has increased, everyone is using social media to express and entertain himself/herself. So, this is the golden opportunity to build your connection and network. Connect with a diverse set of people, share your ideas/opinions, try to understand theirs and expand your horizons. Building your social media presence on some professional platforms like Linkedin can grab the attention of your potential employer and land yourself a job offer you always wanted, so be on it. 

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