A tale of career preparation : Post Covid-19 era

13th Feb 2022

Changes in the job market post Covid-19

The job market is likely to witness some revolutionary changes post COVID-19. The jobs which will be offered by various companies will have the ‘context-sensitivity’ of the foreseeable needs in the times of COVID-19. The government policies, national and international requirements of the companies, rapidly changing needs of the people will be kept into perspective to shape the future of the job market. 

Taking a note from the above-mentioned dimensions it is likely that companies will look forward towards ‘automation’ wherever possible in their production line and other domains. This is mostly concerned with automobile and steel industry who have suffered from a hard blow during the pandemic. 

The world and the job market will make the best efforts to bring into use ‘state of the art technology’ to attain maximum efficiency. In this regard, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, edge computing, machine learning will become the flag bearer of the next phase of change in the job market. Therefore, a job seeker must make an attempt to capitalise to this upcoming opportunity by updating their skills and knowledge in the above-mentioned domains. This will help them to bag new opportunities with an increment in their overall compensation as well. 

The best alternative for the world presently and also in the near future to save people from this pandemic is to go ‘digital’ in every dimension possible. In this regard, digital marketing, content writing, online education, e-commerce are likely to witness a boom gradually as the world recovers from this pandemic. Therefore, young college graduates and even working professionals must ponder upon the idea to analyse and develop their skills with the changing demand of the people.

Walk that extra mile

Young college graduates will certainly look forward to getting a job at the earliest after the completion of their studies. Campus placement is one such domain where candidates heavily rely upon. But this arduous situation expects candidates to look forward to other alternative options as well and not completely depend upon campus placement. WFH(work from home) is the latest trend and the need of the hour. Therefore, candidates must look forward toward online job opportunities. In this regard, they must build a strong profile on LinkedIn, search for new jobs offered by various companies, connect to their senior college alumnus also to know more about other job opportunities which they can grab. 

The end of graduation is not the end of education and studies. On the contrary, it is just the beginning of the learning process. Therefore, candidates must look forward to other online Upskilling courses which can further update their skills. Free online courses are offered by renowned universities of the world like Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of technology etc. These plethora of courses range from enhancing communication skills, writing skills, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, accounting and financial analysis etc. Therefore, candidates must optimally enhance their potential by possessing a multidimensional and interdisciplinary outlook of the world.shared in the right perspective to your recruiter.

The employer and your relevance

The difficult situation demands a higher level of acumen and more importantly smartness in the work. The employer will certainly look forward to more enhanced qualities in you and not just a person who is merely eligible to apply for a job. As a potential candidate, you are expected to show your relevance and how you can prove to be of great help for the company. The employers will certainly be interested in knowing how you utilised the lockdown time to enhance yourself? What are the skills you acquired? What is your outlook towards the job offered? And more importantly, can you come up with some creative ideas and solution in this difficult situation. 

Therefore, you should become more solution-oriented. In this regards, you must ponder upon the challenges which the world is facing and how you can come upon the latest ideas for the company to overcome those challenges.

Which way to go?

As a fresh and young graduate, the dilemma of either doing any job that comes in your way or holding back and waiting to get the job of your choice is natural to occur. An obvious question of which way to go will stand in front of you? 

The answer does not like in its extreme ends of the spectrum but somewhere in the middle. At this moment, you must pause and reflect, What do you actually wish to do? As a fresh candidate, you must look forward to a job that can enhance your skill and your knowledge. It is the ‘working experience’ that will enhance your interest in the job. Compensation will certainly be a motivation in the initial stage but as a fresher ‘what you learn and what you experience’ will become your priority. Therefore, a job which brings ‘reciprocity’ and develops your creativity and skills should become your priority.

Are opportunities available in adversity?

Yes of course. We live in a globalized world where there is no dearth of opportunities. The world had recovered with new opportunities even after the ‘1929 Great Depression’ which was a major draconian event in the annals of the economic history of the world. In this regards, the most important aspect to understand is the fact that candidate equipped with latest skills and expertise is never out of opportunities. Therefore, domains like digital marketing, Google Analytics, Google ads, Stock market, Search engine Optimization, Content writing, Programming, ethical hacking, cybersecurity are some of the latest domains where ample of opportunities are available. Therefore, a candidate must study and analyse more deeply the domains where S(he) can get upgraded to grab the best opportunities in the due course of time. 

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