Psychological competencies deemed crucial by recruiters

22nd July 2022


Gone are the days when recruiters asked candidates to talk about their strengths and weaknesses during interviews. Today, alongside technical competencies, recruiters are placing great importance on moral intelligence, leadership potential and multiple behavioral competencies of applicants.  

Psychological Competencies and requirements mean that employees not only possess the technical skill set and knowledge for a particular job, but they also have the psychological competencies and emotional intelligence to adapt to the changing requirements of the job. A fit between employees’ psychological competencies and the requirement of the designation is associated with enhanced performance, job satisfaction and employee retention. 

Psychological competencies: Recruiter's perspective

A study on competency need analysis and quality factors for fresh recruits was conducted by Dr. S. Ramalingam and M. Vijay Kumar at DR. MGR Educational and Research Institute. The study aimed to identify the factors assumed as competency expectations by the employers from graduates. 

Decision making, leadership potential and self-motivation were identified as the key behavioral competencies that were expected from freshers by recruiters. The study recommended educational institutions to identify and develop these competencies in students prior to campus placement.  

A study conducted by Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Bangalore to analyze the relationship between emotional intelligence and transformational leadership style revealed that emotional intelligence in employees shows signs of strong conscientiousness and civic virtue which makes them exceptional leaders. Therefore, recruiters in the modern-day corporate ecosystem, more and more organizations are placing emphasis on emotional intelligence of graduates and newly hired since it indicates leadership potential and contribution to the organization in coming days.  

There is absolutely no debate in agreeing that emotional Intelligence has become a significant consideration for recruiters. A research study was conducted at the United States Air Force and Defense Force to understand the impact of emotional intelligence on performance at work. The findings of the study highlighted emotional intelligence as a key indicator of enhanced decision-making skills and efficient work performance. The findings of the study were used as a roadmap for the recruitment process. An analysis conducted a few years later indicated that EI Assessments proved to be a powerful tool for meeting annual recruitment quotas.  

Research articles and Business Reviews from Multi-National companies and Ivy League institutions indicate adaptability as an important behavioral and psychological competency that recruiters will be focusing on, especially in post COVID-19 hiring. 


The studies have clearly indicated leadership potential, emotional intelligence, effective decision-making skills, and adaptability as the crucial psychological competencies expected by recruiters. The ever-changing, dynamic corporate world needs young minds who are brilliant leaders and can adapt to the constantly changing needs in order to contribute to professional and organizational success. 

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