How career experts help students decide on a career path?

14th Feb 2020

Choosing the right career is one of the most important decisions of one’s life. Sadly, in this highly competitive world, students are too engrossed in getting good grades that they often forget the importance of career planning and how it helps them evolve as an individual as well as a professional. Another dangerous aspect of our society is blindly following a preconceived notion and the results are that more and more students choose a career path that has been declared to be the best by someone because they succeeded. For a career path to be beneficial for a student, it is important that it suits to the cognitive thought process, interest as well as skillset on an individual. 

Sadly, not many of the students get the chance to choose a profession freely or are too ignored to consider these aspects. Be it societal pressure or peer expectations, a student can anytime fall for a wrong profession and repent it lifelong. Interestingly, this is where a career counsellor comes to the rescue and ensures that the student chooses a profession that helps him grow as well as make a handsome living.

What does a career counsellor do?

A career counsellor is a professionally certified individual who helps students choose the right career path. He evaluates the interests, capabilities, preferences, skills and academic excellence of the students to help them decide what profession they should choose to become successful in life. When you choose to get career counselling from a career counsellor, he/she tends to:

Evaluate your interests:

By analysing the hobby classes you take or the extracurricular activities you participate in as well as assessing your performance in it, a career counsellor identifies your core interests. Many time, students aren’t aware of their interests as the subject is ambiguous, a career counsellor, with its professional skills, identifies the preferences and assess it..

Explore your social skills and habits:

Your social skills and habits play a significant role in your performance as a professional. An introvert can never be good in marketing and a person with more structured preferences might not be able to justify a job in a casual office setting. The guidance counsellor would consider all these aspects while offering you career guidance.

Evaluate your financial preferences:

It might be tough for a student to answer a question about considerable financial income but the choice makes an important aspect of choosing the right career path. The student may choose to be financially stable or might have thought of living a more freelance lifestyle. According to your answer, the guidance counsellor may suggest you the right courses to pursue.

Career and personality tests:

The guidance counsellor prepares career and personality tests for the students and asks them to answer the questions honestly. The assessment of the personality tests helps the professionals in narrowing down your career choices significantly.

In addition to the above mention jobs, a guidance counsellor also uses a range of tools and techniques to help students decide the most suitable and lucrative career path. If you are confused about choosing the right career path or if you have even the slightest doubt about it, do connect with our Career Advisory Team and take a leap towards your dream career.

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