Mental Health - The central axis of your career.

16th May 2022

According to WHO the definition of health is “A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of. disease or infirmity”. In this regard, your mental health is of significant importance for you. This article helps you to understand the importance of your mental health and why you need it for planning your career.

The basic connection

At the very outset, it is essential for you to come close to the fact that the mind and your body are deeply connected with each other. They are complementary to each other. The functioning of one is reflected in the functioning of the other and vice versa. Have you ever noticed that the moment you feel sad and disheartened your body takes a certain posture? It seems as if the body has lost strength. On the contrary when you physically ill ( like fever or headache) the mind seems to become dull. Therefore, for you to navigate through a successful career you certainly need at the very beginning a well-functioning of both your mind and body.

Are you highly programmed?

Technically speaking, a program is a kind of pre-written software which performs only a certain function. We too function in a similar manner. As humans, we get programmed by our past experiences from a particular moment. And then our thinking pattern is developed from those experiences. In this regards, it is extremely essential for you to at times reflect on your experiences. What has been your experiences regarding your career in the past? Were they good? Or were they full of dissatisfaction? You must reflect with consciousness on those experiences and make start fresh. A perpetual state of disappointment in your mind will result in a distorted perception regarding your career.

Do you practice mindfulness and meditation?

Meditation is an experiential state of mind in which you learn to look at your own thoughts with a sense of detachment. Just like physical exercise is the method to build your body. In the same manner, meditation is the exercise for your mind to keep your mental health in proper functioning. Chasing your career and giving new shape to it often is a difficult and arduous task. It takes years of hard work. The mind is certainly the most central element you will use to do the same. Therefore, you cannot neglect your mental health. Practising meditation on regular basis will keep you aligned in your mind.

The creativity and the shape

Creativity is very much needed for you to build the career you aspire for. This creativity comes to you only when you think differently. Thinking differently is the way through which you come across new idea and solution which in turn helps you look at your career in a creative manner. For this creativity, you need a healthy state of mind. It is a poor mental state that drags you to your old regimented thought process and way of thinking which make you feel depressive. This creates much unnecessary friction in your mind reducing its creative faculty and making developing a distorted perception to look at your career. 

Giving shape to your career is indeed a marathon race that needs persistence and determination. It’s like the proverbial Roman empire which took years to get build. In the same manner, your mental health, for sure, is the fundamental linchpin that lies a the very centre of your career. It is the point from which all other functions are controlled and managed. Therefore, a healthy mind with keep you charged up with determination and perseverance and a fit a firm body will help you run the long race of your career filled with success and achievements. 

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