Afraid of a career switch? A career counselor can make a difference!

28th Feb 2020

"My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me" - Henry Fords 

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you walk an uncharted territory for the first time? Your mind gets filled with questions that pertain to various aspects. And as a result, you are afraid to move forward. This notion, when extrapolated to our career, is equally intimidating. At this juncture, your best friend could be a career counsellor. 

A career counsellor is a person who holds expertise in analysing your potential, your capabilities, your qualities and suggesting you the right path in your career.

Let’s understand why we need a career counsellor? 

None of us was born with absolute clarity of perception. We needed guidance from time to time. At the very outset, it would be a misconception to think that only students in schools and college graduates need career counsellor. Even working professionals also, at times, do need a career counsellor. Therefore, when we are unable to find the best version of our own self a career counsellor will help us to decipher our latent potential and the domain of work in which we can excel the most.  

Choosing a career option is not just a mundane decision. Rather it is one of the most crucial decisions which we take in our life. This requires a certain deep level of analysis and rational thinking like, whether I have an interest in a particular course? What are the jobs available after doing that course? What all challenges I might come across? And the list simply keeps getting longer and longer. A career counsellor with his expertise will provide you with the answers pertaining to such questions. This will empower you to make a rational and informed decision after weighing every option available to you. 

An informed decision about your career will boost you with self-confidence which you would have lacked before reaching the right decision. To excel in any career a deep sense of self-confidence is a sine qua non. This is an undisputed fact which cannot be denied. This self-confidence will come when you are firm with the idea that, ‘ I am the right man, at the right place, at the right job/course.’ In other words, a career counsellor will tell you the place exactly where you should be. 

 At the pace at which the world is changing, it is difficult to know about everything around us. In other words, there is literally an ocean of various opportunities, jobs, academic courses and other fields of work causing a flood of information and data. Therefore, a career counsellor can not only help you choose the right job or course but also help you if you wish to change your track from an existing course or job where you feel you are at the wrong place. Changing a stream demands a deep level of confidence, self-introspection and more importantly a great level of courage. A counsellor can be your friend, philosopher and guide at this juncture. He can help you bring clarity about your future, remove your doubts and preconceived notions and more importantly stability of thoughts. 

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