How to get prepared for an interview ?

19th Jan 2023

We often mistake an interview to be an oral examination in which an interviewee needs to answer the questions of an interviewer, smartly. It is in reality, a face-to-face interaction between two parties that are trying to figure out how both can complement each other to accomplish certain business goals together. Cracking an interview right can serve as a powerful gateway to your dream career. With each company having its individual selection strategy, the only step that remains constant in any selection process is a Personal Interview (PI). This, therefore, makes interview preparation, paramount. Here’s how.

Research about the industry and company

Researching about the industry will help you mention interesting and important facts about the business in front of the interviewer and having the knowledge about the key statistical facts of the company like its position in the market, its competitors and methods of improvement will scream how keen the applicant is, in working with the company.

Sell Yourself

Give the interviewer a genuine reason to buy what you have to offer. Too much obligatory behaviour that might urge the interviewer to develop an interest in you can pose contradictory. Make sure the interviewer is convinced that you could be an important asset for the company and that is a good choice to bet upon.

Try to anticipate and judge the interviewer’s expectations

In order to get into the shoes of the interviewer, think about what an interviewer would look at his employee, what questions he/she could ask for and what could be the possible answer for it. It is easy to grab the opportunity with more firmness once you get on track with whether you are steering the discussion at par with expectations.

Prepare for common questions

The most common way of preparing for an interview is to simply go through all possible sources which list out commonly asked questions for an interview. This can help you familiarize yourself with potential interview situations and prepare for them with much ease.

Set the right impression in the first five minutes

Previous research has confirmed that most interviewers tend to make up their minds in the first five minutes of the interview as to whether they want to hire you or not. It looks like they spend the rest of the time validating their decision. Be sure to make an opening with a deep impact.

Be ready to ace tricky questions like a pro

Every organization which is offering a major responsibility to you in their company would like to test your ethics, morals, and character. There is a solid chance of a tricky question coming along your way. You must be prepared about tackling it smartly, as this could be a potential trap to assess your attributes by way of manipulation.

Think positive and end positively

One of the most qualities most sought after in applicants is a robust problem-solving ability. An organization will want to have employees having a positive attitude towards their life, career, job, etc. So, try to end the interview positively to mark a good remembrance of yours in the interviewer’s mind. Leave on a positive note.

Body Language

Candidates are judged by their body posture, subtly yet with increased importance. The way they dress up, they behave and so on is noticed more often than it is thought to be. Make sure you have appropriate body language, proper posture, make proper eye contact is maintained, wish and greet the interviewers properly by a formal handshake, avoid excessive perfumes, etc.

Take the charge of the interview

Don’t let the interviewer get over you quickly in an interview. Instead, ensure you connect your questions with his/her. This not only establishes predictability and good flow of the discussion but is the most sensitive part of an interview. Do not try to make him/her realize that you are trying to turn it your way. Ensure you appear firm and polite, never raise your voice, mind your tone and make an irremovable impression of an ideal candidate.

Don’t give up 

Make sure to maintain your self-confidence and steer your preparation accordingly. Even if you don't get the job, you will at least gain valuable experience. Take any interview as an opportunity to get experience and finally land up in your dream job soon enough. 

These 10 easy points that everyone must keep in mind while going for an interview. One must, however, consider this journey to be a more fun-filled process that fuels your learning and growth, rather than attaching unwanted fears and worry of how tough it can be. 

Remember even if you fail once, that is not the end in fact it’s a new beginning so be happy and positive!