What to prefer? Collecting more internship certificates or doing few quality projects?

5th September 2022

Studies are a long road. With it, comes the need to apply what we have learned and make a living out of it. That's what the next 50 years are going to be about. Internships are glimpses of a possible career which is a preview of the future. 

The word internship was vague 10 years ago. Now, everyone wants some of it. That's the power of short-term experience. The certificate of internship details all the work done and commitment and performance towards the work are usually recorded as well. It is for this that people can take advantage of any opportunity. 

This pandemic has made it clear that internships are the only way you can gain experience. Not studying or writing examinations but directly understanding the ropes of the role and implementing it is the new phase of learning. 

Every idea comes with its own hiccups. With many virtual internships floating around, the obsession to commit too many and choosing the ONE that we need has become a task. In the event of landing a role, the details are not to our liking and we leave that role and move onto other ones. The role hunting begins again. A lot of people indulge in mindless jobs so they can have something to add to their resumes. 

That brings us to the question - is it worth doing quality projects (1 or 2) or doing many internships for the sake of it and mechanically collecting certificates on the way. 

Believe it, the former is the best. The way to build your resume is to show your work and not your statistics and ability to do multiple internships. When you’re being interviewed, the understanding of the work done, why it is done and your contribution to it is more important than your ability to land gigs one after another. Even if you've completed one internship, for a short amount of time, what you've gotten out of it could be greater than what others have. 

The need to be clear on what Internship you would like to do is important. You can have options but narrowing them down is the key. Perfecting your application means you're serious about the role that you require and that will give recruiters (who are hiring for prominent positions) an idea that you're in it for the game and not for filling your timesheet. 

Quality work is essential not only for the firm but also to your mind. It helps you understand your ability in that line of work, the pressure, the deadlines, and the effects of the result it brings along. It changes you as a person and prepares you for the real world. That's something more than a list of accomplishments that a resume can speak to a recruiter. And that's what is important. 

Going for what you need is ideal. Going for what you are getting is not.

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