How to be sure that you are fit for a particular job profile?

05th March 2022

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” - Confucius

A simple glance at the world and people around us will give us an impression that a large section of our society isn’t living a life with contentment. ‘Our jobs’, have often been a major cause of it. The place where we spend most of our time apart from our home is the place where we work. Therefore, it is imperative on our part to make a conscious decision when it comes to Jobs. But the question is how to be sure that you are fit for a particular job profile? Some of the salient attributions to determine your fitment are discussed here.

Area of interest-

It is of utmost importance, right at the point of inception, to make an analysis of your area of interest. If the stream which you choose, the kind of company you get into, and the kind of job which you will primarily do are in line with your area of interest then naturally you will be motivated to do the job and deliver your full potential. For example, if you are an expert in handling finance then HR(Human Resource) probably is, not the department you will enjoy working in and vice versa. Therefore, place all your ducks in a row, before taking the next step.

Content of the Job-

To have a crystal clear idea about what ‘exactly is the job’ is a sign of great wisdom. Knowing the content of the job will help you in introspecting yourself and deciding whether this is the thing you wanted to do to build your dream career or not?, the Job Description provided by the company to you at the very beginning will answer this question. The job description will help you to figure out the broad contours and other nitty-gritty of your work which can provide you with a basic idea, required to reach a decision. 

The company and its work culture-

Your career growth in the due course of time will be decided to a larger extent, in the company you worked in. Every company has its own unique way of functioning, which is often referred to as the work culture. Companie's work culture plays an important role in your evolution. Therefore, you must make an attempt to decipher how the company functions and what kind of work culture is followed by the company. 

Personality Tests-

It is always good to consult career counsellors if you can't decide yourself which path to choose or you have a doubt about it. Career counsellors are qualified personalities in the domain of career selection and development so they can guide you in determining the best suitable career option for yourself depending on your knowledge, skills and abilities. Don't hesitate in consulting your career counsellors because only the right decisions at the right time are beneficial for our survival and growth. At MBAtrek we have a dedicated team of career advisors to help you in making the right career decision.

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At MBAtrek with a vision to make students ready and relevant for corporates we have curated Campus 2 Corporate, a complete guide to help students in career selection and preparation. In Campus 2 Corporates we use the fitment analysis tool to determine student's fitment for a particular industry, Company and Job and accordingly our career advisory team help them in getting ready for that Industry, Company and Job. 

Wisdom says, “A stitch on time saves nine”. Therefore, you must look forward to doing an appropriate analysis of the kind of job you aspire to do beforehand, to reach a decision grounded on firm roots.

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