Relevance of understanding personality in career growth

11th August 2022

Personality as defined by one of the greatest Psychologists, Gordon Allport is, the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to the environment.  Let us make it simple for you. Personality is an individual's own unique characteristics and patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving that makes him/her different from others. 

What role does personality play in choosing a career path?

Let us find out.   

It is safe to say that the way an individual’s career unfolds is heavily influenced by his or her own personality characteristics and traits. Irrespective of age and career stage, it is crucial to make sure that our personality traits and interests are in alignment with career goals. One way to do that is to understand our personality, dominant traits and areas of interest and strengths so we can choose a career path that is both rewarding and satisfying.  

Personality tests help us understand what motivates us. 

Understanding our personality traits and personality type helps us find the right career. For example, an extroverted individual fits best in marketing and sales roles where there is scope for interacting with people. Meanwhile, an introverted individual may not be able to excel at customer service positions where constant interaction is required.  

 Self-awareness is an important part of career development; it provides a way to look at ourselves objectively and not only gain an insight into strengths but also the areas of improvement. According to Forbes, self-awareness can help you acknowledge your mistakes and move forward with improved work strategies.  

Without self-awareness, employees "often operate reactively in autopilot mode," according to Louise Altman, organizational consultant and co-founder of The Intentional Workplace, When we understand ourselves, we can use imagination and intuition to accomplish tasks more innovatively and solve problems more efficiently. 

We are all unique beings, we have our own personality type and preferences, and operating within these preferences allows us to use our full potential and be our most authentic selves. On the other hand, operating without the awareness of these limits consumes more time and energy and as a result, both quality of work and work life reduces. Work life becomes dissatisfactory and tedious. 

Personality tests

We have summarized two of the widely accepted and used personality tests for you: 

MBTI: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator offers great in-depth analysis into the primary personality preferences and tendencies. MBTI is built on theory from Carl Jung and Isabel Myers Brigg. This test is based on the idea that certain mental functions are stronger at one end of the range. It tests for the pairs of extroversion versus introversion, intuition versus seeking, thinking versus perceiving and judging versus perceiving. Sixteen personality types exist and can be matched to jobs.  

BIG 5: In the mid-1970s, psychologists Paul Costa and Robert McCrae attempted to identify broad traits existing across all people. After multiple revisions and additions, they identified 5 common traits in people, Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism (Hence the name OCEAN Model). Since its initial inception, the NEO-PI test has emerged as a pre- and post-employment diagnostic tool to help maximize the productivity of a given workforce. The test results include information on your personality type, spit into each of the five factors. These are marked as either Low, Medium or High with a brief description of the strengths associated with that score.  


These Psychometric Assessments along with self-awareness where the individual introspects and gains knowledge about one’s strengths and weaknesses, can help to decide the right career fit and make a well-informed career choice. If you want, you can consult a career counselor.

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