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Sales & Marketing Test Series

Show, Sell & Scale with Our Sales & Marketing Tests

The Job Fitment Test Series - Sales & Marketing is our all-inclusive assessment solution for students and young professionals who are looking to crack the Day 0 and Day 1 jobs in Sales & Marketing. The test series looks deep into your technical knowledge and tells you whether you are well prepared for your interviews and the application process. This test series also predicts job performance and long-term success by drawing a match between a person's intelligence and personality with that of the desired skill-set in the domain. 

You will be evaluated on 4 holistic parameters, power-packed into a scientific and validated formula for determining your fitment with a Sales & Marketing profile. 

  • Personality traits as well as behavioral tendencies in potential scenarios of Sales & Marketing jobs.
  • A level of reasoning ability or intelligence which shall help you learn more skills, quickly and effectively. 
  • Your method of executing tasks and managing your time and resources in the best manner.
  • The degree of in-depth understanding of technical as well as functional concepts which are important in any Sales & Marketing job.

Key Highlights

  • Answer 4 detailed tests comprising questions validated by more than 50+ industry and domain experts.
  • Get a 360 degree picture about what you have and what you need for a successful job.
  • Avail an objective and scientific diagnostic report to aid your career decisions rather than peer/familial feedback.
  • Save yourself from hit and trial ways of finding the right career for you.
  • Apply for Sales and Marketing job roles with increased skill awareness of yourself and doubled confidence.

Assessment 1 - Marketing & Communications Test 

  • Get evaluated on a validated skill framework for job profiles like Communications & Engagement, Digital Marketing, Marketing Growth & Branding, Social Media Management, UI/UX Design, Marketing and PR Campaign Management etc. 
  • Answer 50+ questions in a span of 1 hour for a holistic evaluation. 
  • Know how well you can influence, think creatively, communicate, plan marketing strategies, design and present your ideas on several marketing media. 

Assessment 2 - Sales Competence Test

  • Gauge your level of readiness for a Sales based job-role. Identify whether you are a "hunter" or a "farmer" personality.
  • Answer 50+ questions in a span of 1 hour for a holistic evaluation. 
  • Assess which area in sales could be your strongest - Lead Generation, Conversion, Delivery, Up-Selling or Customer Retention. 

Assessment 3 - CRM Readiness Test

  • Predict your intent and ability in customer management roles which include query and communications handling, managing customer databse and analyzing their trust and satisfaction. 
  • Answer 50+ questions in a span of 1 hour for a holistic evaluation. 
  • Understand whether you are good at Lead Management, Contact Management, Customer Query Resolution, Document Management or Vendor Communication.
  • Assess your Service Orientation and Relationship Management abilities so as to derive maximum satisfaction from a job in CRM. 

Assessment 4 - Marketing Acumen Quiz

  • Answer 50+ conceptual and strategic questions to gauge your technical know-how.
  • Understand what areas to improve on.
  • Understand your approach to solving strategic problems in the Sales & Marketing domain. 
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How Do We Engage With You

  • Validated Skill Assessment

    Detailed expert validated questionnaires for in-depth assessment of intent and ability.

  • Relevant Skill Framework Mapping

    Understand your existing skill-set as a parameter for judging future work performance.

  • Report Interpretation & Insights

    To help map your best skills to your aspirations and previous experience and guide you on areas of development.

  • Take- Away Score Card

    A consolidated skill and performance analysis report at the end of the session.

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  • 4 Detailed Online Tests of 60 Minutes each
  • Skill Report Focusing on 3 Major Areas - Behavior, Cognition, Productivity
  • 1-1 Guidance & Job Insights Session With Our Career Expert
  • Consolidated One-Pager Skill & Performance Analysis Report

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