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Programming Acumen

Quick way to assess your inclination towards programming

Want To Assess Your Coding Excellence?  

Programming Acumen is a comprehensive yet specialized assessment curated to measure a candidate's programming acumen without asking him/her to code but decides on the prerequisites to become a skilled coder. This assessment can be taken by Undergraduate Students

Get a score of your coding ability to help you prepare well for campus placements and identify job profiles which will be your best match. 

Key Highlights

  • Tests your abilities in terms of Critical thinking, problem-solving, structured approach, attention to detail etc.
  • Through 15 questions to be solved in 40 minutes, you are accessed on qualities required to become a good programmer
  • Ideal for identifying one's programming knowledge or expertise
  • The questions are independent of any technical aspect

How Will You Benefit? 

  • Gauge one's employability in certain job-functions as well as profiles which require you to be a coder
  • Gain predictive insights about success in few areas and improvement in others
  • Predicting on-the-job performance

Duration : 60 Minutes

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