What are we trying to solve?

MBAtrek was conceptualized with a core purpose in mind – Unlocking the careers of India’s youth particularly what is often called the “White collar workforce” as there is no structured mechanism which is employed by the key stakeholders to address their employability and skills levels – may it be the government, industry and educational institutions. Career guidance, preparation and up-skilling in its current form in India is as a combination of two short-term and often disconnected choices – test preparation and admission counselling. Once students are in the campuses, there is no career up-skilling, preparation and / or guidance, when it is needed the most.

Our founders - Alok Srivastava and Abhishek Srivastava have trained 1,100+ managers and young people in their long corporate tenures and increasingly saw the ever-widening gap between the skill levels of recent graduates (even from the Tier 1 colleges and B-schools) and industry demands. They sat down after seeing this worrying trend and asked a truly unanswered question: Does the eco-system of educational institutions and corporates really transform students into ‘Ready’ and ‘Relevant’ industry executives?

The overwhelming answer is ‘NO’ because no #CareerPrep eco-system is developed.

This further got validated as they reached out to their 500 of their CXO network who confirmed that incoming talent is just not fit for the jobs in their respective companies. A review of multiple employability reports from industry organizations like NASSCOM, ASSOCHAM and CII had clearly called out this worrying trend - For e.g. 7% of MBA graduates are employable as reported by a recent ASSOCHAM study. Only 20% of engineers in India are employable as per a recent study by Aspiring Minds. Our founders further expanded this concept towards young professionals, typically in the 1st or 2nd Job. Just like how even the best quality product needs a strong warranty during its initial years of usage, similarly there is need to help young professionals in their first few years in their careers particularly around settling in to an organization (understanding power structures and flow), surviving and connecting (a.k.a building a powerful network), preparing for performance appraisals which are critical factors for initial success.

MBAtrek Transformation Process

After detailed research and meetings with industry associations (including CII), numerous HR experts, seasoned corporate professionals and leaders of educational institutions Alok and Abhishek came up with the idea of a unique platform which addresses the concerns and needs for all stakeholders. This was the rise of MBAtrek.

With various black swan and disruptive events like COVID-19, there is increasing pressure to work and collaborate in teams, operate in decentralized environments and with a heightened sense of ownership and responsibility. This requires a completely different mindset and set of personality traits which includes:






How are we different?

1-to-1 Career Advisor Guided Instructions

Receive actionable insights from the leading industry experts to expedite your growth

Psychometrics and Skill Based Assessments

Develop deep understanding of behaviors and skill competency levels to improve job-career fit

Industry Focused and Relevant Content

Explore industry grade content created for young talent to help enhance tech and people skills

Comprehensive Progress Reports

Analyze your progress to back your strengths & upskill to address your weaknesses

How are we addressing our stakeholders' need?


Become Industry Ready and Relevant

Accelerate transition to corporates

Develop right skills for corporate success

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Young Professionals

Hit the ground RUNNING "Day 1" at the workplace

Manage your growth in the first few years

Engage with right industry people

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On-board young talent seamlessly

Develop next set of problem solvers

Build stability and focus in workforce

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Provide the right industry connect

Build reputation for career building

Help improve the ROI of your programs

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Our Brands

Preparation and Selection

Upgrading management graduates to become world-class executives
Unlocking career options for undergraduate students

Skill Development

Upskilling you with life long skills not the latest craze
Unleashing your career with a "Human Intelligence" based personal assistant

Job Search and Planning

Empowering employees to take charge of their careers
Connecting Young India to a whole new set of opportunites
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