Our Story and Approach

What are we trying to solve?

MBAtrek was created when our founders Alok Srivastava and Abhishek Srivastava asked a truly unanswered question:

Does the eco-system of educational institutions and corporates really transform students into ‘Ready’ and ‘Relevant’ industry executives?

The overwhelming answer is ‘NO’. In today’s world, companies in any industry are facing a number of challenges:

  • New and Emerging Business Models
  • Constant Disruption due to Technology
  • Pressure for Profitable Growth

The expectations from young professionals and graduates have never been higher and the millennial workforce will only succeed in companies if they demonstrate the following attributes…


  • Right Mix: Build analytical, logical and structured thinking skills
  • Corporatiz-ed: Understand today’s corporate world and its demands
  • Industry Awareness: Ability to develop point of view on industry


  • Immediate Contribution: Start delivering from Day 1 in their corporate roles
  • Long Term Career: Achieve longer and more meaningful tenures in companies
  • Collaborate and Lead: Demonstrate capability to work and lead teams

In addition, there is increasing pressure to work and collaborate in teams, operate in decentralized environments and with a heightened sense of ownership and responsibility. This requires a completely different mindset and set of personality traits which includes:

  • Character
  • Hope
  • Attitude
  • Self-Awareness
  • Enthusiasm

MBAtrek Transformation Process

After detailed research and meetings with industry associations (including CII), numerous HR experts, seasoned corporate professionals and leaders of educational institutions Alok and Abhishek came up with the idea of a unique platform which addresses the concerns and needs for all stakeholders. This was the rise of MBAtrek.

  • Young Student / Graduate
  • Ready and Relevant Professional
  • High Performing Executive

How are we addressing our stakeholders' need?

Become Industry Ready and Relevant
Accelerate transition to corporates
Develop right skills for corporate success
Young Professionals
Hit the ground RUNNING "Day 1"
Manage your growth in the first few years
 Engage with right industry people
Educational Institutes
Provide the right industry connect
Build reputation for career building
Help improve the ROI of your programs
On-board young talent seamlessly
Develop next set of problem solvers
Build stability and focus in workforce