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Mock Interview

Crack your next job interview with MBAtrek

Mock Interview is a Personal Branding and upskilling courses that aims to help students and professionals crack the interview of their dream company or profile by taking a detailed Mock Interview with Feedback from MBAtrek Expert. The product helps you to understand the dynamics of an interview process, develop relevant skills and learn how to tackle interview questions with proper structure and validation.

Key Highlights

  • Makes you aware of typical mistakes and pitfalls made in an interview
  • Helps you manage online interviews which follow different guidelines
  • Understand how to structure the content and present it well
  • Build the capability to move your interview from an interrogation to a discussion

Our product provides you with detailed interview tips that will help you prepare for your dream job. Interview skills are essential to developing regardless of whether you are a student or a young professional. Our mock interview process follows a structured approach where we answer the following questions:

1. How to face an interview when a stress interview starts?

2. How to prepare for an interview when you have limited time and are suddenly called for an opportunity?

3. What are the various interview techniques that one can apply to best showcase one’s talent, skills, and background to crack long interview processes?

We prepare you for both face to face, virtual interview and Skype interview, which is now often preferred by companies. Any interview should cover the following key areas:

1. A short background about yourself: It can include the struggle that you put in to reach up a particular point

2. Your own Qualifications: This part includes what you distinctly know that can make a difference for the role that you’re applying for. And why do you love it? Add a personal touch to it

3. Highlight your achievements: Anything important where you contributed to your nation or society or your college or any institution you were a part of can be included here. You may also choose to include anything you published or a personal milestone you strived to achieve against all odds. And how does that help you to align yourself with the present role that you’re seeking for

4. End your interview with a positive note: You can do two things here. First, end it with a positive note by showcasing how interesting your part-time hobbies are. It shows a lot about who you are as a person, especially when there is no supervision or restriction. Second, You can give your interviewer an open opportunity to ask further questions on something that you are very well.

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How Do We Engage With You

  • Getting to know you

    Fill-in the background information form

  • We take your interview

    Mock Interview for 40 minutes

  • Cheat Sheet & Prep. Videos

    Cheat-sheet and preparation videos

  • Final Debrief And Wrap-Up

    20 minutes for wrap-up and next steps

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