MBA B-School Cracker

MBA B-School Cracker, an advanced version of MBA Interview CrackIt, is a one-to-one WAT (Written Ability Test), GD (Group Discussion) & MBA Interview Preparation Product specifically designed for students who are preparing for B-Schools to start their MBA journey. B-School Cracker helps students in preparing for their MBA interviews and get answers to very important questions such as –

-> Tell me something about yourself.
-> Why do you want to pursue MBA?
-> What are your strengths and weaknesses?
-> Which domain are you interested in and why?
-> Why not job switch instead of MBA?
-> Why MBA if you want to be an entrepreneur?

This program is valid for up to 3 months. The journey of MBA B-School Cracker is divided into three phases as given below: 


Phase 01: Understanding YOU 

-> Background Information form and introductory one-to-one session to understand the candidate and their fitment, needs and expectations.
-> Debrief session on previous Work Experience and educational background to help students connect the dots and create their MBA Journey and Interview answers on that.

Phase 02: Preparing & Checking YOU

-> Interview Questionnaire Debrief of Top 15 Custom Questions that an Interviewer might ask you and how you should answer them.
-> Cheatsheets & Video resources to understand how to structure the answers
-> Mock Interview of students to evaluate their performance and provide relevant feedback for improvement.
-> GD and WAT Session, Tips and Doubts resolving on a one-to-one basis.
-> Live Group Discussion* with peers to check GD performance and get relevant feedback for improvement.

Phase 03: Supporting YOU

-> Helping students with last-minute tips and Cheatsheets for Interviews and GDs. 
-> End-to-end support in 2 B-School Interview Processes.

₹ 5,900 Inclusive of all taxes


  • Dedicated Career Mentor for B-School Preparation and MBA Guidance
  • 2 Mock Interviews for B-Schools Interview Preparation
  • One-to-one GD and Interview preparation session
  • 1 Live Group Discussion with peers to check GD performance
  • 15 Questions Interview Questionnaire with custom answers
  • 2 Assessments for Career Fitment and Interview Preparation
  • Multiple Cheatsheets

How do we engage with you

  • Understanding who you are
    Background Information
  • MBA Debrief
    Helping you get answers to the most important questions of an MBA Interview
  • Mock Interviews, GD and WAT Preparation for students
  • Feedback
    Providing detailed Feedback and Final Takeaways
  • End-to-end support for B-School Interview Processes

Key Outcomes

  • Learn storytelling and answer building techniques to improve your interview performance
  • Understand how to tackle stress interviews
  • Understand the Do’s and Don’ts of a B-School Interview
  • Understand how to outperform in GD and WAT Processes