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Interview Ready

Crack your next job interview with MBAtrek

Interview Ready is a complete InterviewPrep product to help students ace their interviews. It provides students with a Mock Interview and a Customized Interview Q&A Sheet with up to 25 questions based on the Industry, Company, and Profile Fitment of the candidate. 

Key Highlights

  • Learn how to exhibit best body language and maintain confidence in an interview
  • Understand how to structure the content and present it well
  • Gain awareness about typical Interview mistakes and pitfalls
  • Get personalised interview tips and tricks to aid your interview preparation
  • Know the interview questions asked specifically in your dream company and strategy to answer them

Have you come across questions like "How to face an interview?" or "How to prepare for an interview?". The answer to this question lies with this product. Interview ready is a value saver pack covering a holistic approach of preparing and presenting verbal content in an interview, appropriately. It makes use of the Interview Question and Answers which is applied in the Mock Interview and instant feedback is provided to you for your development. It includes a detailed 2-hour discussion which provides our customer with a simulation experience of the interview.

Mock Interview provides guidance in academics, personality, and behavioral aspects through a detailed and personalized process, making it a comprehensive product. We help you understand the concept of two-way communication creating a strong flow of relevant answers and the art of handling stress, dynamic situations, and the required content of answers in an interview.

We conduct a 30 minute telephonic debrief session covering a deep analysis of the role you are applying for, and give out suggestions on how to talk about your past experiences (Preparation of job interview questions and answers for experienced professionals and preparation of relevant interview questions for freshers), skills, stress handling techniques, the areas of development to focus on and the methods to approach. Interview Question and Answer is a comprehensive booklet of 25 Questions including HR interview questions, common interview questions, and relevant job interview questions catering to the holistic aspect of an Interview. This covers 4 major interview aspects:

  • Functionals: To elevate your functional knowledge
  • Personality: To elevate your attitude and behavior
  • Industry: To elevate your awareness about the latest happenings in the industry
  • Company: To elevate your awareness about the company in a comprehensive manner
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How Do We Engage With You

  • Career Debrief

    First session to understand your career goals

  • Interview Bucket

    Personal bucket selection of 25 Questions for Interview

  • Mock Interview

    Dedicated Mock Interview by MBAtrek Expert

  • Feedback and Strategy

    One-to-one Feedback and Interview Strategy Session

  • Cheatsheet

    Interview Prep Cheatsheets for Upskilling

Inclusive of GST
17% off
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  • Career Debrief Session (30 Min)
  • Mock Interview (40 Minutes)
  • Feedback and Strategy Session (30 Min)
  • 25 Customized Interview Q&As
  • Interview Ready Cheatsheet

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