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Interview Q&A

Customize Your Interview Answers with MBAtrek

Interview Q&A aims to help students ace the interviews of their dream company or profile by providing a Customized interview questions and answers Sheet with up to 25 questions based on the candidate's Industry, Company and Profile Fitment. Choose and practice questions for a specific industry, company and functional profile along with personality-based questions and learn how to build a compelling story.

Key Highlights

  • Learn to frame impactful answers for questions in an interview
  • Know the interview questions asked specifically by your dream company
  • Learn how to use a structured approach to answer questions
  • Increase your chances of being shortlisted with awesome answers

Product Description

A comprehensive booklet of 25 Questions including HR interview questions, common interview questions, and relevant job interview questions catering to the holistic aspect of an Interview to help you showcase a dynamic personality in academics as well as behavior.

This covers the following four interview aspects:

1. Functional: To elevate your functional knowledge.

2. Personality: To elevate your attitude and behavior and present the real and appealing competent personality in the interview.

3. Industry: To elevate your awareness about the latest happenings in the industry which could have a possible impact on your intending job or profile.

4. Company: To elevate your awareness about the company in a comprehensive manner having the knowledge about how the company works with its different stakeholders.

Our USP is the personalization of content according to our customers, as per their work and personal background.  The idea is to present a customized answer to enable you to create your own answers rather than just mugging up. We have a concept of a short call, covering additional queries which you might have, after going through the interview questions and answers booklet. This is a 3-day process but can be elevated to completion in a day in case of need and urgency, still fulfilling each aspect in detail.


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How Do We Engage With You

  • Background Information

    Fill in the background information form

  • Personal Bucket Selection

    Select different question buckets

  • Prepared Question Set

    Get the relevant Q&A from selected buckets

  • Final De-Brief And Next Steps

    Understanding how to best use the final set

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  • Functional Questions to evaluate your functional knowledge
  • Personality Questions to evaluate your attitude and behavior
  • Industry Questions to evaluate your industry awareness
  • Company Questions to evaluate your understanding of the company

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