#Intern PRO

  • Step by step guidance on how to address different aspects of an internship new reporting manager, new organization and hierarchy
  • Detailed guide and templates to help you through different phases of your internships
  • Weekly interaction sessions with industry experts to help you assess your progress in the internship
  • The program runs all throughout the 8 or 12 week internship period

Product Description

An Industry mentor to support you during the internship tenure thus increasing your chance of getting a PPO / PPI. Wondering, what to do if the internship company does not have a Pre-Placement Policy? Remember there is a lot which you can learn and gain from the internship program:

  • Build Network: Corporate Networking can be used at any point in time – entrepreneurship, job, funding, etc. Internship is a great source of enhancing networking skills. InternPRO guides you on how to make a fruitful connection with colleagues and managers and ways of retaining that connection.
  • Testing out practical knowledge: Applying theoretical knowledge to practical application happens only in internship. Thus, our weekly guides will help you out in time management and goal setting so that you can maximize this opportunity. This is helpful in both summer internship and winter internship. Role of Career Advisory and Weekly guides :
  • Career Advisory : Help you in understanding your Internship project and provide you guidance on how to go about the project in terms of technical and soft skills also it helps you in aligning you with manager’s and company’s expectations.
  • Weekly Guides: Every Internship week is important and is different from rest of the week. Weekly guides help understand the importance of each week and provide you roadmap and steps to be executed in that particular week, helping you out in enhancing your internship performance.
  • Chance of getting a Live Project : Live Project act as an important resource to help you remain connected with your internship company. Also, it acts as a value proposition in your final placements

InternPRO makes you ready and enables you to fight with the tough situation which can:

  •        How to be sure about the right industry, company or role you want during your MBA internship or graduation internship?

  •        How to get an internship of your choice if preferred companies are not visiting your campus?

  •                           How to apply for internship through different sources apart from campus internship programs?

  •       Your internship project having no relevance to your specialization

  •       Companies not providing enough tasks to showcase your skills

  •       No work/project being assigned during the internship duration

  •       Inability to adjust with company culture, which can affect your performance

  •       Clarity with what to do, if you do not have an internship offer

Thus, InternPRO acts as an end to end solution during Internship Program starting from your internship joining date till you are there in your internship.

₹ 3,500 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 8 One to One discussions spread over 8 weeks
  • 1-Page Cheat Sheet
  • Internship Guide

How do we engage with you

  • Fill-in the background Information form
    background information
  • Project Details
    Share the internship project details
  • Way forward for internship project
    First Discussion
  • Weekly Cheat-Sheets
    Best practices to achieve that dream PPO
  • Fortnightly progress review
    One-to-One Project Review
  • Outcome Sheet
    Map your internship to final placement

Key Outcomes

  • Ace your Internship Project
  • Understand Future Career Path
  • Increase the Chances for PPO