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Intern ACE

Prepare for your Dream Internship with MBAtrek

InternACE is a complete end-to-end program to help students crack the right Internships. It starts with finding the career fitment of the candidates and then mentoring them to get the relevant job by multiple services including Assessments, Resume, Mock Interviews, Group Discussion, Industry Expert Connect, and Industry Relevant content through one-to-one weekly discussions and preparations sessions. 

Key Highlights

  • Dedicated One-to-one Mentorship to help you with your Internships
  • Dedicated Industry Expert Discussion for Career Awareness
  • End to end support for up to three specific Internship processes
  • Understand the right career for you - Industry, Company and Profile Fitment
  • Upskill yourself with right set of skills and get the right internship for you
  • The program runs all throughout the application stage for maximum 3 months till you secure an internship offer

Graduate and Post Graduate students in getting through summer or winter internship programs by assisting them in their application for the internship, help them in preparation, and mentor them during the internship. InternACE is a product curated because MBA internships and Graduation Internships play a crucial role in understanding:

  • Helps determine a student's fitment in that particular industry and company
  • Suggests whether that profile is suitable for you or not?
  • How do corporates really work?

InternACE will help in understanding, how to apply for an internship/ How to get an internship by:

  • Interview Preparation: This will help the students to work on their Interview Skills, by letting them know the right way of answering interview questions.
  • Mock interview: Enable the students to face the interview situation, according to the profile, industry, and company in which they wish to go in the future. A mock interview would be proceeded by a feedback session that will guide the students on their shortcomings and also provide the way forward to improve and work on themselves.
  • Career Guidance: Continuous support provided by our career advisory to help you out in choosing the right internship according to your fitment. The Career Guidance will also include personality improvement to help you out in corporate life.
  • Company and Industry Analysis: Understand about companies and industries to make your interview more as a discussion and not a conversation. This would provide a deep analysis of the companies and industries in which one wants to go to help you out in understanding the cultural fitment and know whether that company/industry is fit for you or not.

How InternACE is different from the support which Institute / Seniors provide you?

Nowadays colleges/universities only focus on placing the students and not considering whether the students will add any value to themselves or to the company. MBAtrek InternACE will guide you on how to apply for an internship of your choice and also how to become ready for it. Thus, becoming an end to end process starting from self-development, interview and resume prep, selecting the right internship, and ending with ways to crack that internship

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How Do We Engage With You

  • Career Fitment

    Understanding the right industry, organization and profile for you to target the right Internship

  • Personal Skill Mapping

    Identify the skills which make you a right fit for your dream profile

  • Personal Branding

    Helping you with your Resume and LinkedIn profiles

  • Internship Ready

    Mock Interview and Industry sessions to make you Internship Ready

  • Weekly Discussions

    Weekly Discussions to regulate and improve your performance

  • Internship Support

    Dedicated end-to-end support for Internship processes

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  • 5 Hours of Dedicated Mentorship
  • 2 Mock Interviews with Feedback
  • Resume Diagnostic
  • 1 Industry & Company Brief Session Each
  • Weekly Mentor Discussion with Feedback

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