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Here, we assess you on various parameters to highlight your preferences, interests, and inclination towards a particular kind of work environment

Understand how to choose the Industry that will provide you with the right environmental fitment

Use this knowledge to understand the companies in which you can work in future

Product Description

Most young professionals and recent graduates are very eager to answer the question "How to be successful in my career" without understanding what a career actually means and how does one select a career.

The Campus2Corporate program from MBAtrek actually focuses on building the foundation and having the right career options to choose from during your pre-final year and final year of under-graduation or graduation. Regardless of whether you are doing a MBA, BBA, BTech, BE, BCom, MCom etc., it is important that you follow a structured and systematic process to selecting your career. 
We have created a unique funnel approach which we utilize in the Campus2Corporate program. Let's get into the details of the funnel:

1. Behavioral Analyses and Self Awareness: We conduct detailed behavioral analysis to understand key personality triggers. Key areas that we consider:
• Team Player tendencies
• Stress Management abilities
• Emotional Stability
• Passion for work
• Responsibility / Accountability levels
• Self Starter abilities
• Open to Learning

2. Cognitive Assessments: Most students and young professionals are fairly familiar with cognitive assessments often offered in the form of IQ tests. More often than not, most people make the mistake of focusing on the overall score from a cognitive or IQ assessment. The key is to actually focus on which segment of the assessment, did you demonstrate higher scores to be used as a proxy for capability:

• Numerical Ability
• Data Analysis
• Abstract Reasoning
• Attention to Details
• Critical Thinking
• Reasoning Ability
• Verbal Ability
The different abilities and the competency across them will give one a strong sense of what kind of industries, companies, work environments and job roles that you would succeed in.

3. Industry Sectors: Armed with your personal information and data, now it's time to go deep into industry sectors that you would like to work in. You need to get deep into what different industries stand for and whether you see yourself working therefore for atleast 3 to 5 years for a start. You also need to conduct detailed Industry Analyses to better understand what drives the latest movements in these sectors. Some key questions to ask yourself while selecting industry sectors of your choice:
• Do I prefer to work in industries which are serving large institutional customers or individual retail customers?
• Would I work in a well-settled and mature industry sector or a sunshine sector which needs another 10 to 15 years to mature?
• Would I work in industries which are more product based or service based?

4. Type of Companies: Now that you have settled on the industry that you want to work for. Let's delve deeper into the type of companies where you can mark a strong start to your career. There are different types of companies that you would like to consider as a part of your selection:
• Indian based Company
• Multinational Company
• Indian based Multinational Company
• Non-profit / Not for Profit
• Startups / Early Stage Ventures
• New Age Tech Companies
• Government Companies / PSUs
• Think-tanks (NSDC, NITI Aayog etc.)

At MBAtrek, we have gone a step further and created detailed insights and analysis on individual companies to help students, recent graduates and young professionals be better prepared and informed about companies they are joining or targeting for jobs. We will bring the goodness of that into the Campus2Corporate program.

5. Job Roles and Functions: We are now at the final stage of the career targeting and selection process. The job roles and function is the specific area within the company / organization that you would like to work in. You will have to appreciate that given your educational background and previous experiences certain areas may not be easily available to break into in the early stages of your career and therefore you will have to look at other roles which act as stepping stones in your career.

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Key Outcomes

  • Identify the set of Right Industries
  • Better preparedness for upcoming future