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Industry Ready

360° Insights on your Dream Career with MBAtrek

Industry Ready is an Industry & Company Focused Content Product to help students get detailed insights on their dream Industry and Company or any other industry and company they are targeting for Internships or Final Placements. The program is delivered on a one-to-one basis by MBAtrek Experts covering all the macro and micro details of the industry to help students perform better in interviews by delivering company-relevant content.

Key Highlights

  • Understanding company's current progress and Industry scenario
  • Ability to deliver trends and insights for a set of companies and the overall industry
  • Ability to conduct a deep dive on the industry value chain and combine that with demand and supply-side trends
  • Understanding future potential and relevance to your profile

Besides providing you with a complete substantial analysis of the 3 industries of customer’s choice, we also give you the analysis of 5 companies thus completely gearing you up for your desired job. We also have one-to-one sessions with our Career Advisors for all the queries and discussions.

To create an impactful impression in an interview we offer insights on the current stage of the industries, companies, and its performance in the past considering all the factors and ensure that detailed invaluable insights of macro and microenvironment are delivered. To get a better picture we provide value chain analysis with deep insights and augment this analysis by including detailed information on major Industries Associations which helps in understanding the relationship of an industry with the macro-economic environment, especially the government. Our research further encompasses government policies and their impact on the respective industry.

An interviewee known to have the knowledge of the latest trends of the industry creates a favorable impression on the interviewer, so our analysis promises to keep you updated about the latest trends and happenings. Our Company Analysis lets you understand a company’s business in and out and its interaction with its overall macro-economic environment covering the interpretations of financial and operational ratios.

To help you in placement preparation, we have put together the most crucial information and analyses around People Strategy and hiring trends by the company and have provided a detailed outlook on the market share in various product categories, market penetration, and geographical presence so that you can know all about company practices and performance. Just to make sure you have all the important information intact to you from the presentations we provide you with one-pager.

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How Do We Engage With You

  • Background Information

    Fill in the background information form

  • Industry and company selection

    Make your industry and company selection

  • Short Discussion

    Short call to analyze selection approach

  • Complete Industry Analysis

    Completed analysis is handed over

  • Analysis Explanation

    Understand how to use the industry analysis

  • Complete Company Analysis

    Completed analysis is handed over

  • Analysis Explanation

    Understand how to use the company analysis

  • Cheatsheets

    Cheat sheet on how to do an industry and company analysis

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  • 1-to-1 Discussions: 2 sessions (one hour each)
  • 1 Page Cheat Sheet and Templates
  • Up to 2 Industries and 3 Companies completed analyses (15 slides each)

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