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Industry Analysis

360° Insights on your Dream Industry with MBAtrek

Industry Analysis is an Industry Focused Content Product to help students get detailed insights on their dream Industry or any other industry they are targeting for Internships or Final Placements. The program is delivered on a one-to-one basis by MBAtrek Experts covering all the macro and micro details of the Industry to help students perform better in interviews by delivering company-relevant content.

Key Highlights

  • Personalized suggestion on suitable industry according to your profile
  • Enhance your knowledge on company progression, industry trends and future prospects
  • Make yourself interview ready with latest issues and updates
  • Ability to conduct a deep dive on the industry value chain and combine that with demand and supply-side trends

We provide you with a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the different industries which help in having a deep understanding of the industries business and their environment. 

To stand out from the crowd in an interview, we offer insights on the current stage of the industries and its performance in the past considering all the factors, e.g. E-commerce industry is in the growing stage and  India is adding one Internet user every three seconds, and the e-commerce sector in India is estimated to reach $230 billion by 2028, accounting for 10% of India’s retail. 

We ensure that a detailed macro-environment overview with invaluable insights is delivered. To get a better picture of value chain analysis, we provide a proper value chain analysis with deep insights. We have further augmented this analysis by including detailed information on major Industries Associations helps in understanding the relationship of an industry with the macro-economic environment, especially the government. Our analyses further encompass the government policies and what impact did it have on the respective industry. 

An interviewee knew to have knowledge of the latest trends of the industry create a favourable impression on the interviewer, so our analysis promises to keep you updated about the latest trends  for e.g. the Indian auto sector became the 4th largest in the world in 2017 but currently, there has been a slowdown in the automobile industry in the past months. Our analysis helps to understand the factors responsible for the growth/slowdown of industry, the impact of growth/slowdown on the economy, government steps to revive/promote any particular industry. 

In the age of technology, we have added detailed analyses about how future and current technologies disrupt the industry and its value chain. E.g. Internet of Things (IoT) combined with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning can help provide a highly customized experience and advertising platform for e-commerce businesses to target a specific customer group. It can recognize shopping patterns in search trends and online browsing, enabling businesses to sell targeted products to their customers. 

We cover multiple aspects in this section, including the Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics, Automation, and Digitisation. With the right set of knowledge delivered through the analysis, you can prepare for your interview and leave a lasting impression on the interviewer. Apart from the complete analysis, we provide a one-pager with summarised points that will help you recall important points. 


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  • Cheat Sheet

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  • Industry Analysis Template

    Templates to help you do industry analyses yourself

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  • 1-to-1 discussion: 1 hour session
  • 1-page Cheat Sheet and Template
  • End to End Analysis (Up to 15 slides each)

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