Importance of career mentoring in today's transformational world

 11th Feb, 2019

Gone are the days when the tripartite career options of either a doctor, an engineer or an officer in the Defence Forces were the only available directions in a student's career path. 

With the VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) world coming into play, students are now open to multiple career opportunities. Not just this, but the students today can pursue a career as per their area of interest. With the introduction of such a plethora of career options, comes the crucial stage of making a wise choice for oneself and due to our limited knowledge on various fields, it becomes a Herculean task, to do the same. This is exactly where the concept of Career counselling comes into use.

Career counselling is a concept whereby a student is analysed by means of certain aptitude and personality-based tests and based on their results he/she is given assistance for their appropriate career choice.

Career Counselling – Makes you understand yourself and evolve

The world is transforming at a fast pace and in order to survive, one must adapt and evolve continuously in the given scenario. In career counselling, with the help of certain tools, an individual’s personality is analysed and based on results they are guided for career options in which they can excel pertaining to their knowledge, skills and abilities. A career counsellor helps an individual to continuously improve and update one's skill sets as per the need of the hour. Career counselling is essential in order to make an informed choice in accordance with your competencies and thus ultimately produce high-level performance in the organisation. This also aids a student or an individual to organize their thoughts and ideas on career-related decisions which ultimately boosts their morale and confidence in their job-related tasks. At MBAtrek, we have created a unique assessment tool called Me and Myself Assessment which will help you understand yourself better. This assessment will form the base of what kind of industries, companies and job roles you are most suited to.

Career Counselling – Helps you in getting ready for the corporate world

The world today is in the hunt for people who are industry-ready and who can adhere to their deliverables. Career counselling prepares budding professionals for these challenges and gives them an edge over their competitors. Career counselling turns out to be the platform that tends to bridge the gap between the demands of the industry and the skills of the individual. At MBAtrek, we have curated Campus 2 Corporate to make students ready and relevant for the industry they want to work in. This program will help you in getting prepared for the corporate world during your campus life.

Career Counselling – Today’s need

The 2018 Annual International Career and College Counselling (IC3) conference concluded that India is in dire need of 1.4 million career counsellors for its 350 million student population. But the question is ‘Why?’ The transformational world that we face today is challenging and only the right decisions at the right time can be beneficial for our survival. Many new jobs have emerged that were not there a few years ago. With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and many new technologies, many jobs have become extinct, but several others have come into the picture. Therefore, career counselling is supremely important not only to choose a career and stick to it but, as put by Professor Kobus Maree of the University of Pretoria,” Career counselling is about identifying a person’s original pain and empowering them to use this pain to help others”. Do connect with our career advisory team if you are confused about your career or need help in getting ready for it.   Read more about 'How career counsellors can help students in deciding a career path?'