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Finance Qualifier Assessment

Is Finance your Key strength

See Yourself as a Finance Professional Tomorrow?

To effectively perform a wide range of tasks beloging to this domain, one must be keep oneself well-informed and educated in the key areas that offer most of the projects. The domain of financial services is dynamic and ever-evolving and requires keeping up with the changes. 

  • Can be taken by both Undergraduate and Post-Graduate Students
  • Obtain a score on your level of awareness about several dynamics about the Finance domain and understand what more you must know about it
  • Understand what strategy/approach needs to be mastered to solve problems in the domain

Key Highlights

  • Assesses you on various areas of Finance such as Mergers & Acquisitions, financial concepts, formulas and situational strategies.
  • Know the score that would enable you to choose the specific profiles to work in Finance
  • Use this knowledge to understand your conceptual areas of improvement.
  • The entire process typically takes 20 minutes

How Will I Benefit from the Assessment? 

The Financial Qualifier Assessment will help you:

  • Assess your knowledge and aptitude in key financial sub-domains such as Corporate Finance, Financial Markets and Risk Management
  • Know what to focus on when discussing about the domain
  • Identify and capture the pandemic driven growth trends affecting financial services in the country
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How Do We Engage With You

  • Signing Up

    Register at MBAtrek

  • Give the Assessment

    Spend 20 to 30 mins answering industry questions

  • Sectional Score Classification

    Understand your Finance fitment

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