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Crack 100% Placement

Placement Prep for as little as Rs.500 per student

Crack 100% Placement is our most comprehensive e-learning program for faculty placement coordinators and placement heads to accelerate the placement process and ensure 100% placement for all students with high-quality jobs, highest possible CTC with the hottest recruiters in the Multi-national and Startup space. The program incorporates learning modules, recorded videos, assessments, and tools that you can utilize to upgrade your placement scenario:

  • Up to 15-engagement hours for placement coordinators, faculty, and administrators
  • Industry Grade 12+ Articles on various placement preparation tools and techniques around Resume, Interview, GD, and LinkedIn
  • Detailed 15+ Learning Videos by our co-founders on various diagnostics and assessments to help students prepare for placements
  • High Quality 25+ Learning Modules dedicated to enabling you and your students to succeed in the internship and final placements
  • Complimentary 9-hour e-Learning module for each student in your batch (up to 500 students) including both final year and pre-final year batches

Key Highlights

  • Learn from 60+ years of cumulative work experience of our founders and core teams
  • Get Exposed to winning strategies and tools that we have used with over 50+ campus engagements
  • Incorporate placement processes that have made us the trusted advisors for over 100+ campus directors and deans
  • Save costs by utilizing the same tools and processes for both the internship and final placement process
  • Reduce your placement preparation costs by 90% and get students effectively for just Rs. 500 / student

Section 1: Managing Student Expectations

  • Help students with understanding career fitment so that the right expectations can be set with them regarding the outcome of the placements
  • Tools and techniques to help reduce the uncertainty and anxiety for students around the placement process

Section 2: Preparing Students for Placements

  • Help placement teams with strategies to segment students basis the Career Funnel model and equip them with Industry and Company knowledge to help crack the placement process
  • Tools and techniques to help you prepare students for the Resume / Visume, Interview (Situational/Behavioral/, LinkedIn, Aptitude and Psychometric Assessments

Section 3: Solving for the Last 50% of the batch

  • Tools and techniques to help you solve for the tough part of the batch, the last 50% which becomes difficult to place
  • Strategies to go beyond the traditional companies and mass recruiters to help solve for the last 50% of the batch

Section 4: Understanding Recruiter Expectations

  • Dive deeper into what are the expectations of recruiters and what they need from you to help scale the placements at your campus
  • Understand why different companies have different processes and how your students can be well prepared and beat them at it

Section 5: Build Brand Amongst Peer Set Expectations

  • Tools and Strategies to help distinguish your campus from other peer campuses particularly in how you showcase your students

Section 6: Get More Mass Employers

  • Tools and Strategies to help you grow your pool of mass recruiters especially given business model and environment changes across multiple industries

Section 7: Get Better CTC Offers 

  • Tools and Strategies to help you work with your Alumni and influential entities at the recruiter end to upgrade the status and branding of your campus and the subsequent CTC offers provided
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  • 15 hours total e-learning content
  • 12+ articles on placement preparation
  • 15+ learning videos on placement winning strategies
  • 9 hours complimentary student preparation content
  • 25+ e-modules on preparation, strategy, branding and execution
  • Access for up to 5 individual placement committee users
  • Access up to 500 users for the complimentary student e-learning content

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