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Company Analysis

360° Insights on your Dream Company with MBAtrek

Company Analysis is an Industry Focused Content Product to help students get detailed insights on their dream company or any other organization they are targeting for Internships or Final Placements. The program is delivered on a one-to-one basis by MBAtrek Experts covering all the macro and micro details of the organization to help students perform better in interviews by delivering company-relevant content. 

Key Highlights

  • Helps you gain more knowledge on various companies for interviews
  • Understanding company's current progress and future potential
  • Obtain company stats and reports in most lucid form
  • Ability to deliver trends and insights about a company as a part of an interview conversation

Our Company Analysis lets you understand a company’s business in and out and its interaction with its overall macro-economic environment. As a part of this analysis, we are putting together key points that have been summarized from various annual reports of these companies. The analysis is further strengthened by a detailed study of the business model of the company which will provide you with an edge over others. 

Then there are numbers and numbers do speak a lot if not all about the company, this aspect is covered in our analysis through the interpretations of financial and operational ratios. To get you placed at your dream company, we have put together the most crucial information and analyses around People Strategy and hiring trends by the company, so that you can be sure if that one company is actually your dream company. To showcase you as a candidate fully aware of not just the interviewing company but its key competitors and the market competition, we have provided a detailed outlook on the market share in various product categories, market penetration, and geographical presence. 

Impressed with so much “Ready” and “Relevant” data and information but are you worried about how you will synthesize all this information? Don’t Sweat! We have a Short Analysis of all this information curated for you only. For when you have limited time right before that dream interview, we have got you covered with a One Pager on the Company analysis covering “All” the impactful and relevant information, acting as last-minute saviour.

We have a company related quiz which will help you evaluate how well you know your dream company and some important interview question with sample answer which would be a help to you in knowing how to respond a question, what are the factors that needed to be kept in mind and how to structure your answer making sure all the necessary points are covered.


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How Do We Engage With You

  • Background Information

    Fill-in the background Information form

  • Company Selection

    Make your selection of 2 companies

  • 2 Company Analyses

    Completed company analyses for 2 companies

  • Company Analysis Explanation

    Understand how to use the company analysis

  • Company Analysis Template

    Template to help you do a company analysis

  • Debrief

    To help you use the templates in future

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  • 1-to-1 Discussions: 1 hour session
  • 1-page Cheat Sheet and Template
  • 2 Company analysis reports (Up to 15 slides each)

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