Cracking the GD

  • Group discussion
  • Group discussion Tips
  • Learn how to put your point across impactfully while still maintaining a powerful and respectful demeanour
  • Learn the ebb and flow of a GD and how to contribute effortlessly without upsetting the discussion
  • Understand how to open and conclude a GD
  • Get prepared to deliver different roles that you can play in a GD
  • This process takes 3 working days, in case of immediate help for an application or GD, we can expedite the process to 1 working day

Product Description

A group discussion (GD) is used to assess group skills that cannot be judged in an interview. More importantly, a GD is a great way for employers to see you in a real-life simulation of an activity which happens every-day at work -it's called meetings and conference calls.

It helps the employer explore an individual's confidence, team spirit, ability to deal with a chaotic and unstructured environment and express themselves in a structured manner. Please remember often when you are going in for meetings at work, thoughts and structure is really present. Can you be the person driving structured communication! Group discussions are also a test of your logical and analytical skills and your competence to deliver on them in a high pressure and high stakes environment. This is where we help you as we help you to prepare for the most current GD topics. We help you with very specific and customized group discussion tips basis your personality (introvert / extrovert), behavior style, communication style, social style and IQ levels. There are many skills and behavioral elements that you are being judged on in a group discussion exercise:

1. How good you are at communicating with others?

2. How you behave and interact with a group?

3. How open minded are you?

4. What is your competency level for quick decision making?

5. How well do you listen to others?

6. How confident are you when criticized or attacked in a discussion?

7. Problem-solving skills

We are helping students every day to create a winning strategy for their upcoming GDs by understanding their personality, competencies across communication and analytical skill levels. Remember the only way you are going to ace the GD is by having a well thought out and practiced game plan for various GD topics. Try our unique service called Cracking the GD. We promise you that within 3 to 5 days, we can create a personalized GD game plan and specific GD tips for you.

₹ 650 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 1-to-1 Discussions: 1-hour prior to GD and 1-hour post GD
  • Key Do’s and Don’ts
  • Roles to play in a GD

How do we engage with you

  • Fill-in the background information form
    Background Information
  • Roles People play in a GD
    Understand the roles people play in a GD
  • Mapping your skills with role that you could play
    Developing your GD Strategy
  • De-brief post actual GD
    Debrief from your previous GDs

Key Outcomes

  • Learn to participate rather than to debate
  • Empower yourself to stand out in a Group Discussion
  • Better preparedness for upcoming placements