#Intern ARISE

  • Debrief sessions to help you analyze and learn from your internship experiences
  • Build the right resume / CV to showcase your internship, projects achievements for specific job profiles
  • Understand how to structure your thoughts and present it well in an interview

Done with your Internship? Wondering what is next? Your internship journey does not get over when you complete your tenure in the organization and submit the report, it’s a lifelong learning experience which is precisely applicable when you are applying and preparing for your final placements. InternArise is curated with intent of helping you during this phase. We help you decode the learning from your internship and portray them on your resume and during your interviews in such a way that you will get an edge while you apply for your preferred job profile.

After your internship you might have come across questions like: -

•My internship project didn’t provide me with enough opportunities to showcase my skillset and deliver my full potential, now what to do? 

•How to build an attractive resume/CV which can showcase my internship learnings at its best?

•I have done an internship in other domain rather than the domain of my preferred job, now how present my internship experience on CV/resume to make it relevant?

•How to link skills learned during my internship with the requirements of my preferred job profile?

How InternARISE can help you?

One-to-one discussion sessions- Talk to our career experts to analyse your internship and interpret important learnings from it. These sessions will help you to gain insights about your learnings from your internship, how these learnings had helped you into acquiring and developing particular skills, how these skills aided your self-growth and helped you in delivering superior performance during your internship.

Resume Diagnostic- Get your resume reviewed by our career experts and get guidance on how to portray your past experience, learnings and achievements on your resume to catch an interviewer’s eye. Get insights on how to customise your resume to link your skillset with the requirements of your preferred job profile.

Mock Interview session- Take mock our interview session to analyse how well you can respond to the interviewer’s questions regarding your internship and learn the right way to portray your internship experience in interview to bag your dream job.

Thus, InternArise is the perfect product to help you understand your internship, learn from it and make most out of it. 


₹ 1,500 Inclusive of all taxes


  • One-to-one Discussions: 2 sessions (Half an hour each)

How do we engage with you

  • Fill-in the background information form
    Background Information
  • Self Introduction
    First one to one session with the experts.
  • Questionnaire to understand your internship
    InternArise Questionnaire
  • Review & Second Discussion
    Discussion on ways of pitching your internship
  • A Recommendation sheet stating the flaws and further steps
    Recommendation Sheet

Key Outcomes

  • Portray your internship project and achievements on Resume and LinkedIn
  • Connect your internship experience with your target jobs and roles
  • Increase the chances of being shortlisted in your final placements