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Career Unlocker

Get ready for upcoming career hurdles

Career Review & Strategy for the future: 

  • Competencies – 60 competencies- their level of awareness, experience in the past, how they are going to project with the future employers.
  • Leadership - Discussing competencies that have been used in the past in strategic, operating, organizational, Interpersonal, People management, result orientation, drive. It will help them to segregate with relevance to their experience and way forward.
  • Career staller issues of past. Problems that have restricted career growth/stalled the progress. These need to be understood and factored in the job search. Professionals need to apply to learn and be sensitive about it during the placement process—a strategy not to get derailed in the future career.

Online individual Assessments & feedback sessions

A separate report is compiled for each assessment, and recommended plan of action is worked out

  • Leadership Assessment (Psychometric, Leadership Potential) 
  • Aptitude test - Leadership and Strategic Roles (Cognitive) 
  • Project Manager Assessment (Psychometric) 
  • Test for Critical Thinking (Only to test Critical Thinking & Decision Making Ability, Cognitive)
  • Additional 1-2 Functional Role Assessments (Sales, Marketing, B2B Business, Finance, Operations, HR)

In-depth Industry & Company Analysis

  • Shortlisting the Industry fitment for each professional and company selection. 
  • A process will be followed to segment the batch by Industry/Functions, and then this exercise will be carried out in sub-groups and then a deep dive with each Professional.

Key Highlights

  • Unlimited Doubt Clearing through E-mails / WhatsApp / Phone Calls
  • The program spread: 3 months.

Structuring Resumes and transferable skills 

Guiding as to how transferable skills sets can be applied to different industry/company /job profile. 

Mock Interviews & short pitches

Managers need to learn to have a structured communication trust-based, actionable and providing value to the listener.

LinkedIn diagnostics

Build strong networks in the next three months

For all those who believe that they need extra support, we can customize a 3 to 6 months plan, which they can follow independently. 

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How Do We Engage With You

  • Job Expectations De-Brief

    Understanding your expectations with regards to upcoming career

  • Career Fitment

    Understanding the right industry, organization and profile for you to target the right job

  • Skill Mapping

    Identifying the right set of skills required to get the right opportunity

  • Personal Branding

    Helping you with your Resume and LinkedIn profiles

  • Placement Support

    Dedicated end-to-end support for placement processes

Inclusive of GST
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  • 2 Hours of one to one Individual Strategy for Placement
  • 1 Hour of one to one for online individual Assessments & feedback session
  • 2 Hours of one to one for In-depth Industry & Company Analysis
  • 2 Hours of one to one for structuring Resumes and transferable skills
  • 3 Mock Interviews with Feedback
  • 1 Hour of one to one for LinkedIn Diagnostic
  • 5 Psychometric and Cognitive Assessment

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