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Career Planning

Progress towards your Dream Career with MBAtrek

Career Planning is a complete end-to-end program to help professionals switch to a new career or excel in their current job through one-to-one mentorship and guidance sessions. It starts with finding the career fitment of the candidates and then mentoring them to get the relevant job by multiple services including Assessments, Resume, Mock Interviews, Industry Expert Connect, and Industry Relevant content through one-to-one weekly discussions and preparations sessions. It also covers multiple job touchpoints including appraisal booster, skills required to manage employees, maintaining a good relationship with your manager, and managing projects to help professionals excel in their current job for better and faster growth. 

Key Highlights

  • Get support for your first job or a next career switch with In-depth evaluations on self and your work environment
  • Understand the expectations of your reporting manager, team and organization
  • Understand how to survive and connect with people in your initial career
  • Make an informed decision before switching to new industry, organization or profile
  • Apply for new roles by re-shaping your profile based on your past experiences and skill-sets
  • Complete 6 months Career Mentorship from Team MBAtrek along with Industry Expert Session

Career is a broad term that shapes over a period of time. Career is subjective and varies from person to person depending on their dreams, aspirations, goals (short and long term), and their desire. We work with recent graduates to understand their career objectives and provide meaningful career counselling.

Any career guidance work that team MBAtrek starts with a detailed set of assessments to understand your cognitive, behavioural and skill profile. We have created a comprehensive assessment to understand your work situation, and that will help in your future career planning – should I stay in my current job or look for other career options.

As a career consultant, we take you through the different steps which are part of your 1st year at the Job:

  1. Settling in the organization and understanding the unsaid and hidden rules of the corporate world.
  2. Surviving and connecting at the workplace by engaging meaningfully with both your peers and seniors
  3. Positioning your personal brand at work and preparing for the 1st annual appraisal and performance cycle
  4. Build a roadmap for you as your personal career consultant on what to do next in terms of your career development

Typically most students and young professionals will ask for career counselling online and ask “how to choose a career”? Our advice to them is simple, first, align your expectations, both financial and life-oriented, to make the appropriate decision. 

A few tips on starting your career – Focus on building and delivering on goals: one of the key things to do when you start a new job is to sit down with your manager and set clear expectations regarding compensation aspirations and career progression understand your responsibilities. Then, within the first three months, get a slot on the manager’s calendar for an in-depth conversation about the job description for which you were hired. So whether your requirements are getting career counselling in Delhi, career counselling in Pune, career counselling in Bangalore or career counselling in Mumbai, we are there to help you.

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How Do We Engage With You

  • Starting Your New Job / New Career Opportunity

    Understand the cognitive and behavioral skills needed to out-perform

  • Settling in the Organisation / Finding right Fitment

    Helping you understand company�s culture and value systems

  • Surviving and Connecting / Preparing and Practicing

    Learn to de-stress at work and connect with peers & seniors

  • Preparing for 1st Annual Appraisal

    Understand the dynamics of power & politics during performance appraisal

  • Planning for Next Year

    Decide whether to switch job or prepare for the next promotion

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  • Dedicated Mentorship
  • Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter Upgradation
  • 3 Mock Interviews with Feedback (In case looking for job switch)
  • 1 Industry Expert Session
  • Industry, Organization, Domain and Personality Fitment
  • In-depth evaluation on self and work environment

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