#Career Planning

  • Guide you during your 1st year for as low as Rs. 400 per month
  • Learn how to settle in your new job
  • Help you better understand the expectations of your reporting manager or boss
  • Help you make an informed decision before switching to new jobs or roles
  • Understand how to survive and connect with people in your initial career
  • Be prepared for the 1st / 2nd annual appraisal
  • Plan for the next roles and career moves
₹ 4,800 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 1-to-1 Discussions: 24 half hour sessions
  • In-depth evaluations on self and your work environment
  • Cheat Sheets for Resume and Interview
  • On-demand reviews of CV / Resume
  • Three rounds of mock interviews (in case looking for job switch)
  • LinkedIn Diagnostic Tool

How do we engage with you

  • Understand the cognitive and behavioral skills needed to out-perform
    Starting your new job
  • Settling In the organisation
    Helping you understand company’s culture and value systems
  • Learn to de-stress at work and connect with peers & seniors
    Surviving and connecting
  • Preparing for 1st Annual Appraisal
    Understand the dynamics of power & politics during performance appraisal
  • Decide whether to switch job or prepare for the next promotion
    Planning for next year

Key Outcomes

  • Stop your career from early derailment
  • Learn the inside tricks to scale your career early
  • Learn from experiences of mid-career executives