Profile Analysis for Career Planning and Development

13th September 2021

Profile analysis is important aspect for career action planning which includes: 

  • Recognise what is important in your career and life  
  • Know what strengths and talents you can offer and how you can add value to an organisation 
  • Keep up to date with changes in the work place and the sector  
  • Identify any personal blocks or life constraints and how you can overcome them  
  • Have a clear vision of your future  
  • Identify broad aims and smart goals  
  • Find people who can support you in completing your goals  
  • Reward yourself for successes  
  • Mistakes can happen, use the experience to learn and then move on  
  • Be flexible, review your progress regularly and be willing to adapt and change 

This is where you implement your plan towards profile development. However, even the most well thought out goals can sometimes be challenging. Some ideas are highlighted to help you to stay on course.   

Assess your commitment to completing your goals Unless you are totally committed to your goals you are unlikely to complete them. Reflect on your goals and give yourself a score of 0-10 for each one, with 0 for no commitment up to 10 for total commitment. If your score is less than 10, what would have to change to achieve a score of 10? Be sure to adapt your plans if required. 

Are your aims and goals clear and feasible? Aims and goals need to be clearly defined and realistic if they are to be achieved. It helps if they are slightly challenging, but still within your comfort zone 

Make lists or use reminders Making To-do lists can also be very useful, enabling you to have a real sense of progress each time you tick off an item. Alternatively, try sending yourself a reminder in the form of a text message to kick-start your momentum.  

Enlist some support Involving others in action planning can increase the chances of successful completion; identify friends, family, or a mentor who can support you and help you to stay focused.  

Brainstorm your way forward Procrastination can get the better of us all, so if this applies to you, try brainstorming what to do next. Just write down anything and everything that comes to mind in relation to your goal, without being judgmental. Then order the relevant items according to what is important. This can break the block and get you started, even if things change later on.    

Reward yourself in order to keep motivated while completing a series of tasks, it can make a difference to reward yourself as you complete each major milestone.  If you want, you can consult a career counselor.

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