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Psychological Competencies Deemed Crucial by Recruiters

Recruiters are placing great importance on emotional intelligence, leadership potential and multiple behaviora...

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Future of Campus Placements post COVID-19

In light of the global spread of COVID-19 with the resulting disruptions, many companies have put on hold thei...

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Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Job interviews are still one of the most prominent ways of assessing whether an applicant is capable enough of...

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How to write a resume in 5 easy steps

The journey towards success in your career will certainly be an interesting, insightful and a long journey. Bu...

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Resume optimization Separating the wheat from the chaff

To have a perfect resume is the first step towards a successful career. There's nothing quick or easy about cr...

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8 simple hacks to improve your CV amid lockdown

Today Coronavirus has become a global concern, to cope up with this pandemic many countries including India ar...

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Make most out of your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is a social media platform for working professionals, students or any other individual who wish to ge...

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How to be sure that you are fit for a particular job profile?

The place where we spend most of our time apart from our home is the place where we work. Therefore, it is imp...

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How to start preparation for campus placement?

Seldom we come across an inflexion point in our career when we have to shift from college education to a forma...

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How to get prepared for an Interview?

An interview is not an oral examination. It is an interaction between two parties that are trying to figure ou...

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How to build an Industry Analysis for your interview preparation?

Have you ever been in an interview and wished you had read more about the Industry? You had engaging talking p...

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How to build a Company Analysis for your interview preparation?

Have you ever been in an interview and wished you had read more about the Company?...

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It's more than a Resume / CV - it's a marketing document

There's nothing quick or easy about crafting an effective resume. You have to think carefully about what to sa...

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