Internship: A Step towards Corporate

Team MBAtrek 13 May, 2021 Internship Diaries

While it is very crucial for students to do internship and show full commitment to it. An internship should also be very well defined and the roles and responsibilities of the intern should be clearly specified. An internship shall be properly implemented according to the rules and regulations and should aim at providing an optimal learning environment and experience for interns. Internships shall build both the soft skills and hard skills of the students. There should be proper instructions, coaching, mentoring and supervision of interns so that the learning process for them can be eased and it ultimately brings the best out out of them.

Some basic learning which an internship must be focused at are:

Work ethics

An internship should inculcate work ethics among the interns. It should be planned in such a way that interns learn to reflect, introspect and inculcate work ethics owing to their responsibilities.


An intern should totally have a feel of what it is like to be an employee, they should have a real experience and exposure which imparts them the learning required to gain in order to further excel in their career.

Soft and hard skills

An intern should have the opportunity to develop both the soft and hard skills during internship. They must learn the specific, technical and hard skills required for their role along with the soft skills. It can be as basic as handling computers , equipment, various situation, organizing, analyzing or can be very specific as learning any programming language, data mining etc.

Personal development

An internship shall have some learning experience which helps interns to personally benefited out of it. It must help them in their personality development. It can be as basic as learning how to effectively communicate, carry out their own self, learn the basic leadership qualities or be self aware.

Team work

An internship shall teach an individual how to work in a team, they shall be able to contribute in a team and shall learn to have a team spirit.

Time management

An internship teaches time management, an intern thus learns to plan, priortise, implement and evaluate his/her course of action.

Constructive criticism

An intern must learn how to handle constructive criticism, he/ she must learn to adapt themselves according to the situation and should be able to handle stress, tension and learn to strategize in order to achieve.


Internship must give interns feedback so that they can be aware of their weakness and strength and thus chances of them improving their own self increases exponentially.

Dedication and hard work

An intern shall learn to appreciate and practise hard work and dedication. They must understand the commitment required in being best at their workplace.

Motivation and confidence

One of the best outcomes of an internship program is that it teaches the student to appreciate their own self. It must motivate them and build their self confidence. Internships are experiential learning and it should encapsulate their ability to have a positive attitude and build healthy work habits required for interns at excelling further in their career.


Therefore, internships boosts confidence and motivates the intern. Working in a real workplace, the experience and sense of achieving fills them with satisfaction and motivates them to achieve further. A sense of clarity and belongingness helps intern into achieving their goal. Students learn to build their communication skill, they learn how to interact with peers as well as senior professionals. They learn interpersonal skills and become capable of delivering effective communication.

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