How to write a resume in 5 easy steps

22nd July 2022

Learning how to write a resume is easy! The journey towards success in your career will certainly be an interesting, insightful, and long journey. But the first step in this journey is certainly to write a resume that can open new doors of opportunities for you. Here is a five-step guide for you to build your own resume.

Step 1. Consolidate all your information

Before you move ahead to actually write a resume it is advisable to first collect all the relevant information which you possess. This information includes your academic details in school, the details of your graduation or other courses which you have pursued, details regarding the skills and qualities, work history and profession and other information which you perceive as essential details which can be mentioned in the resume.

Step 2. Choice of the format

Once you have consolidated the data choose a format of the resume which according to you suits the best in your case. The choice of the format will depend on the fact regarding the 'context' and the 'content' of your overall career which you have had till date. This is broadly covered in three categories namely 

1) Chronological format - recommended for professional who have a long work history and have seen diversity in their career till date. 

2) Functional format - recommended for individuals who are fresh aspirants to seek a new career. They can show their skills and qualities which they possess in this format. 

3) Combination format - this format is a perfect blend of both chronological and functional format. You can show both your diversity of work and the skills you have.

 Step 3. The header

The header of your resume must begin with the necessary contact information first. It must have your name, email address, residential address, and most importantly your personal contact number on which you can be contacted in the near future. This section must also contain youLinkedIn profile which can provide the recruiter with more detailed information about you which is difficult to provide in a resume that is expected to be precise and to the point.

Step 4. Mention your accomplishment, skills and education

After you are done with the header, you must mention your accomplishments. This includes the portfolios you have worked on, the history of your work, the professional expertise and the experience which you have acquired in the due course of time and the position which you hold at present. 

The skills which you have viz soft skills, technicals skills or the domains of your specialised knowledge must be mentioned. You all also write about your academic background, for example, a diploma or a degree course which you have persued, the certificate courses which you have done or other academic accomplishments which you have acquired.

Step 5. Proofreading

Often neglect but this is an extremely important step. You should forbear yourself from making an error in your resume. This can take a toll on your entire hard work which you have done. Therefore, you must read the final draft carefully. This includes checking a few aspects like the details mentioned, grammatical error, font size, the overall layout or spelling mistakes and every other detail. It is advisable to read the final draft twice before you submit it finally. 

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