How to start preparation for campus placement?

Team MBAtrek 28 Jan, 2020 Placements

“ If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my axe ” - Abraham Lincoln 

Seldom we come across an inflexion point in our career when we have to shift from college education to a formal working environment. We often call this juncture ‘Campus Placement’. 

Campus Placement is a formal process in which a plethora of companies aspires to recruit potential candidates from various campuses to fill in the required vacancies for their company. Therefore, getting a knack regarding the preparation holds much significance. A step by step approach is what one must follow.

Do Self Analysis

To set the grounds firm and cemented at the very outset a ‘Self Analysis’  from an overall perspective can impart a birds-eye view of our present situation. This analysis will help you understand yourself better and form the base of what kind of industries, companies and job roles you are most suited to. Also, this analysis provides us with a layout regarding the areas where we need to put in the maximum effort. It will help us to save our time and energy. 

At MBAtrek, we have created a unique assessment tool called Me and Myself Assessment which will help you in self-analysis and guide you in making the right career choice. 

Build an Impressive Resume

An impeccable ‘Resume’ containing necessary details can prove to be a game-changer in the entire process. Our resume is sum total of our own self since it includes our qualification, achievements, areas of interest and other aspects. Therefore, presenting ourselves in the best possible manner can help us to gain a competitive advantage over other candidates during the placement process.

At MBAtrek, we have curated Resume Diagnostic to help you in understanding and building an impactful resume to cast your strong 1st impression on your recruiters.

Brushup your Basics

Going back to our basics of whatever we have studied during the semesters is essential. A firm grip on our fundamentals will give a boost to our confidence. It is necessary to note here that we must work to polish our concepts and ideas on the subjects we have studied during the academic years. Empowered with strong basics and Aptitude, we can easily sail through the various types of Aptitude test conducted during the recruitment process. Good scores in aptitude test can leverage us higher.

Be the GD Champion

Group Discussion is another round in the process the importance of which is no less. Cooperation, coordination and a deep sense of patience to listen to others viewpoints are some of the underlying features of this round. Our thoughts regarding the topic provided must be channelized in an organized manner. Putting the arguments into perspective with the appropriate choice of words is equally important. We must work on our English-speaking skills with the least amount of grammatical errors. 

At MBAtrek we have curated Cracking the GD to hone and polish your GD skills, subscribe to it and be the GD Champion.

Be Interview Ready

The interview round is the last round in the placement process. A positive mind empowered with self-confidence, honesty and integrity will cast the right image for the company to perceive you as a potential candidate for the job. Candid answers to the questions asked must be the approach. One must not try to deceive the panel members with dishonest and cooked up answers since they are experts of their own domain of work. Therefore, the value of knowing our own details mentioned in the resume cannot be undermined. 

Be Interview Ready with MBAtrek's #InterviewReady and do connect with our Career Advisors to get personalized guidance for your campus placement preparation.

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