Five Major Trends In Logistics Industry

Team MBAtrek 10 May, 2021 Business Insights

Growth of Cold Supply Chain -

The Indian cold supply chain sector is set to grow due to demand for cold storage, primarily driven by the pharma sector, especially the vaccine supply chain in early 2021, followed by requirements from seafood, meat, and similar industries.

 According to the market research firm, with an increase in demand for cold storage solutions, the Indian cold chain market to post a 17% growth in 2021 to Rs 1.7 trillion

Rise of Green Logistics -

Green logistics aims to move and deliver raw materials and products at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest standards and minimizing environmental impact in the process.

Designing a value chain towards advanced energy management systems and electric and solar-powered vehicles to lower their overall carbon footprint will emerge in a rapid way.

The upsurge in adoption of IoT -

Shipping companies use IoT in warehousing, fleet management, and container tracking

With smart trackers, it is possible to check the container’s location at any given point and be updated on the status of the shipment in real-time. 

It can help track important data such as temperature changes, container door open/close status, late in/out site, energy levels, or any unusual activity. Doesn’t matter if it’s a truck, container, or warehouse.

Embracing the 5G Revolution -

It will allow organizations to optimize their routes through improved visibility, and avoid unnecessary trips and inefficiencies.

 5G will enable organizations to track their valuable cargo across all regions by optimizing coverage in areas that were previously far-reaching.

Augmentation of AR & VR -

Augmented reality can be used in vehicles to provide better endpoint recognition and ultimately enhance the safety of the driver.

These technological updates will decrease the time allotted for maintenance and save companies money as in-house mechanics can be on-call for any issues that may arise in transit.


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