Best MBA Guidance that you can get in your 1st year

Abhishek Srivastava 14 Feb, 2019 CXO's Speaks

Do you feel that the lack of proper guidance, awareness or even complacency is not letting you make the most of your MBA program?

And by the time you may realize it, things get a little unmanageable and messier. It gets a little too late and there is actually no scope of going back to the past to sort the things out.

So here are a few pointers to help you get on track for the 2-year journey:

Most students sit back and relax or party, taking for granted that they have secured a seat in a top quality B-school, thinking that everything will fall in place automatically. But this is the greatest folly committed by most MBA graduates and by the time they realize it, it gets too late.

Take your First Year courses seriously

Specialization is just a part of an MBA program. Your 1st-year courses build the foundation of your overall management knowledge and basics. In case you are still confused and have not made up your mind regarding the field of specialization - don't worry! There are going to be multiple opportunities during your program to choosing your specialization of interest.

Effective Time Management

Considering only 720 days in hand and a whole lot of things that can be achieved, MBA graduates usually run short of time. It is a race against time. Be an organized student and engage yourself in activities that are going to be worthwhile and will be helpful in corporate skill building and development (i.e. structured communication skills, logical skills, presentation skills etc.). Right from the start, you should ensure that deadlines are deadlines and should be met come what may.

Strengthening Your CV / Resume - Every Time and All the time

One must continuously participate in various activities and competitions organized both at the B-school and inter B-school level. Your CV / Resume should start having meaningful work from live projects showcased on it along with innovative approaches to solving case competitions. A strong CV / Resume should clearly show that you have been deeply engaged in various skill-building activities at your campus. Please do ensure that you are attending industry trade fairs and it will give you a great chance to build strong networks and relationships which can lead to projects, internships and job opportunities that will continue to enhance your CV / Resume. Make sure your Resume is just not about good looking but has the right quality content to really showcase your experience and skills. Get our Resume Diagnostic service to know your Resume Quality Score.

Unleash the power of LinkedIn

As your MBA program moves on, you will realize that you can no longer fit everything interesting that you are doing on a single piece of paper. Most CV / Resume formats at the campus are rightly limited to a single page. This is where LinkedIn comes to the resume. LinkedIn provides you with the amazing ability to extend your resume and talk about all your achievements in detail. Remember LinkedIn is your window to the world of off-campus placements. So many start-up founders are on LinkedIn and looking for smart and young MBAs who can contribute to their growth story. This is your opportunity, make the most of it. Do remember to get your LinkedIn profile reviewed by senior industry professionals - Content is King! Get our LinkedIn Diagnostic service to know your LinkedIn Content Quality Score.

Leverage the most of the Internships

Internships prove to be the greatest opportunity for everyone undergoing MBA and especially for those who do not have prior experience and have never seen the industry before. In such a case, internships should be taken very seriously as you stand to gain the most out of tacit knowledge that your internship supervisors, interns peers, and other employees who already have been a part of the corporate setup for a long period of time. It is important that you continue to question them as much as you can to gain the deep down detailed reasons for every decision taken and thought of by them. Want to know how to make the most of your internship - sign-up for our #Intern GO service.

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Abhishek Srivastava (LinkedIn Profile)
The writer of this blog is the co-founder and CEO of MBAtrek and extremely passionate about mentoring and coaching young professionals. He has worked in multiple MNCs like Apple, Accenture and Schneider Electric and a seasoned strategy and business professional with extensive experience across diverse industry sectors (oil and gas, telecom, metals and mining, consumer goods, chemicals, power generation. Abhishek is a MBA from the Indian School of Business and has a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Georgia Tech, USA (Recipient of Outstanding Masters Student) and a Bachelors in Environmental Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering, India.

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