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Team MBAtrek 11 May, 2021 Business Insights

Programming Language

The demand for Python professionals continues to remain the highest. Almost 27% of advertised jobs require Python as a core skill, up from 18.5% at the beginning of 2020, and 17% in 2019.


Business Intelligence tools 

Among Dashboarding and BI tools, Tableau skills are most in demand (increasing to 11% in August 2020 from 6% in 2019), followed by Microsoft Power BI (increasing to 6.5% from 2% in 2019)


Cloud solutions 

Analytics recruiters continue to demand AWS, the most preferred Cloud skill, which increased to 15% in August 2020, from 7% in 2019. The proportion of jobs for Azure skills comes in second at 9.7% in August 2020 from 4% in 2019.



Among databases, demand for SQL (including MS Azure SQL) increased to 9% in August 2020 from 19% in 2019. Amazon Redshift increased to 6.7% in August 2020 from an insignificant 0.13% in 2019, highlighting the greater demand for Amazon Redshift as a database platform in conjunction with AWS Cloud.


Statistical Modelling Techniques

In 2020 the demand for statistical modeling techniques marginally decreased across the spectrum. Segmentation has the greatest proportion of jobs in 2020, followed by Clustering.


Top designations advertised 

Analytics Specialist, Data Scientist, Decision Science Manager, Business Analyst, Analytics Manager, Statistical Modelling, Statistical Analyst, Marketing Research Analytics, and Operations Analytics Manager.


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