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Career Counselling

Get Answers to your Career Fitment with MBAtrek

Are you confused with what to do next in your career & need an Expert advice to understand what's best for you?

Taking career decisions are tough as well as important. Career Counselling helps students understand what their personality is, what their Industry & Company fitment is and what their behavioral and cognitive skills are. Based on the same, we help students identify the profiles/functions/domain that align with their personality, and behavioral and cognitive skills. 

The product also offers 1.5 hours of One-to-one Counselling with our Psychometric and Assessments team where students can get their career questions resolved and understand how to take their career forward. 

Key Highlights

  • Get the Industry and Company Fitment for your Career
  • Get In-depth analysis of your personality
  • Assess yourself on 9 critical skills & 24-sub-skills
  • Get your career questions resolved
  • Understand what to do next in your career
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  • 1.5 Hours of One-to-One Counselling
  • Personality Assessment
  • Industry Fitment Analysis
  • Organization Fitment Analysis
  • Cheatsheets & Detailed Customized Report

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