#Campus 2 Corporate

Campus 2 Corporate is a complete end-to-end program to help students crack the right placements. It starts with an understanding of career fitment of the candidate and then preparing them to get the relevant job by assisting in their application for the job, helping in the preparation and mentoring them during the placement processes.  

The journey of Campus2Corporate is divided into three phases - Fitment Analysis, Upskilling & Personal Branding, and Tracking & Support. 

The program is valid for the duration of 3 months from the date of first interaction made by Team MBAtrek. 


Phase 01: Fitment Analysis

  • Background Information form and one-to-one introductory session to understand the candidate and their fitment, needs and expectations.
  • EQ/EI and Career Fitment Assessments (Industry, Company, Domain) to build a personalized profile for career preparedness.
  • Debrief sessions on previous Work Experience to help students connect the dots and identify the right set of skills required to get the right internship.

Phase 02: Upskilling and Personal Branding 

  • One-to-one sessions for Resume Building, LinkedIn Diagnostic, GD performance improvement and Mock Interviews
  • Multiple Sessions and Resources on Industry and Company Analyses to fill the knowledge gap and upskill the candidate
  • Skill-o-meter Resources for proper upskilling and personal branding

Phase 03: Tracking and Support  

  • Weekly performance tracker and feedback system to ensure you are on the right path.
  • Career Advisor for end-to-end support for specific placement processes
  • On-Demand Sessions for personal questions, career guidance, quick check before interviews, or any support for placement processes or personal upskilling.

₹ 12,000 Inclusive of all taxes


  • 12 One to One Hours
  • End-to-end support for 3 specific placement processes
  • Resume Diagnostic and LinkedIn Diagnostic
  • Career Fitment and Internship Brief Sessions
  • Interview & GD Preparation Sessions
  • 2 Mock Interviews with Feedback
  • 1 Live Group Discussion with Feedback
  • 1 On-Demand Industry & Company Brief Session Each
  • 5 Assessments for Career Fitment & Placement Preparation
  • Weekly Performance Tracker & Feedback System

How do we engage with you

  • Understanding the right industry, organization and profile for you to target the right job
    Career Fitment
  • Skill Mapping
    Identifying the right set of skills required to get the right placement
  • Helping you with your Resume and LinkedIn profiles
    Personal Branding
  • Upskilling
    GD, Mock Interview and Industry sessions to fill the skill and knowledge gap
  • Weekly Performance Tracking to regulate and improve your skill-o-meter
  • Placement Support
    Dedicated end-to-end support for placement processes

Key Outcomes

  • Upskill yourself with right set of skills
  • Get the right placement for you
  • Learn storytelling and answer building techniques to improve your interview performance
  • Get Personalized Guidance to fill the gaps and kickstart your career