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Aptitude Fitment

Tests your Aptitude Fitment for Campus Placements across given domains

Aptitude Fitment is a comprehensive aptitude test to help undergraduates assess their learning potential in the form of different abilities.

It assesses various forms of reasoning abilities to help students identify academic potential as well as suitable prospects and vocational preferences in their career.

Take this assessment to understanding one's crystallized intelligence i.e., knowledge and learning which is acquired through education and experience and improves with age. 

Key Highlights

  • Know areas of strengths and weaknesses to know potential for career choices
  • Assess learning potential to gauge employability in different job profiles

How Will You Benefit? 

Measurement of different abilities is proven to be helpful in:

  • Assessment of Cognitive Potential
  • Gauge one's employability in certain job functions as well as profiles
  • Gain predictive insights about success in a few areas and improvement in others
  • Predicting on-the-job performance

Duration: 60 Minutes


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